Monday, April 09, 2018

Funny how Grand Ayatollah Bolton always wanted war with Iran.

There a wrinkle that needs to be examined.

Here is what I know - I'd appreciate hearing more.

Last week there was a massive cyber attack on Iranian facilities and the US flag was made to appear on Iranian screens.

About a day or so ago bots mimicking the RIS-St.Petersburg-IRA signature appeared that called on Trump to go to war with Russia+Iran+Assad.

About 24 hours ago, rumors started circulating of a US strike around Deir Ezzor. These rumors were quashed by OSINT types who ascertained a negative ground truth.

About 18 hours ago, rumors appeared about Su27/30 taking off towards Deir Ezzor area. It seems RuAF found rumors of impending strike credible to set up a CAP over the area.

About 12 hours ago, I heard of missile strikes in Homs airbase and "Cruise Missile" strikes on other SAA/IRGC controlled bases. Also reports of sonic booms over Lebanon appeared with imagery of contrails. This is curious - it suggests that IDFAF was flying > 37Kft at high speed - they should have been visible to A-50 Mainstay FLT or on Su27/30 FLT that was supposed to be on airborne picket.

Not exactly sure what happened next - but inconsistent reports of downing "cruise missiles" and self-congratulatory BS about superiority of S400 v/s Patriot was doing rounds. But neither IDFAF nor USG/GovFra reported losses.

At this time a report emerged about a Su27/30 FLT west bound from Khmeimem. The rumored purpose was to locate the source of the missiles. I was unsure what they would do once the source was detected as actually engaging it would create problems in the Baltic. So sure enough about 15 min after this there was a major burst of RU HF activity detected in the Baltic and reports emerged of a general mobilization by RU forces in the area.

Late last night EST - I heard rumors of massive casualties in SAA/IGRC held places. No death toll also no mention of RU casualties.

And then finally around 10 PM EST last nite RIS friendly Trumpers (Posobiec etc...) told everyone that Trump's aggressive tweets from the morning were not written by him but the entire thing was orchestrated by unknown people with Sarah Sanders' help**.

My guess so far - the Hammers of Hatzerim went for a stroll at night. They warned and paid off the Russians standing guard and beat up a bunch of Assad and IRGC boys.

I suspect Assad might have had an inkling of what was to come his way. Assad's use of CW is mostly (IMHO) related to his idea that staying in power in Damascus requires that he periodically showcase an unchallenged ability to take life on a grand scale. That has become the cornerstone of Baathist power in that country. He tends to favor this kind of thing when he feels insecure. And something made him insecure last week - that IMHO is why he used CW in E Ghouta. This dude literally jacks off to images of dead kids in the mother's arms.

The Assad+RU CW attack on E Ghouta may have been added as part of the backdrop, but the roots of this run much deeper. I suspect his was done because Grand Ayatollah Bolton* has been put into place in DC to start a war with Iran.

Given how much power Bolton now possesses - we are on our way to a mountain of corpses.

You may recall what I had said earlier about the Trump Admin -

Ladki mangali hain, lashon ke dher pey sey vida ho key jayegi...

( the Bride is cursed, the recessional will ford a mountain of corpses). 

(* that is another dude who I suspect belongs in the "Jacks off to images of dead children in their mother's arms" category).
(** Man, these guys are just a Putin-cock sucking machine. I don't know who believes this shit - I doubt even Putin believes them.)


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