Friday, February 17, 2006

What do you know I have more time...!!

I thought I had to go shopping for vegetables but turns out my wife already bought a bunch on her way home from work - which means I get more time to come and bs up here!!

Speaking of BS... I have been following this hoopla about the proposed India-US nuclear deal... why does everything pragmatic that India and the US do have to become this enormous hype-fest?

The deal has to go down - but just about everyone is keen on making it difficult.

The opposition and its criticisms have been summarized by well-placed observers

  • The Indian Government would be well advised to present a full picture of the terms of implementation of this deal to the Indian public in view of the passions and the sharp divergences that exist within the country.
  • Indian suspicions are rising in view of selective bits of information fed to Indian media by American sources who seem to be better briefed and in the know of critical details.
  • Widespread fear in India that the price the Congress Govt. would be pressurised to pay to ensure US Congress ratification for the deal would be too high. This would endanger both Indian’s strategic autonomy and on other foreign policy issues also.

  • The added anxiety was the United States’ poor record in adhering to its international agreements and commitments and shifts and reversals in US doctrine and policy.

The emphasis is mine... not Dr. Kapila's. Dr. Kapila is a serious scholar with a reputation to protect... I am merely a an internet nobody trying to sound like someone intelligent.

You know... Chairman AEC was very clear about what could not be done on the Indian side and if I know people like him... I think he was atleast as clear in July when he visited the White House.

There is no room for misunderstanding here. The Non-Proliferation people and atleast some overly talkative folk in foggy bottom are living larger than life... or at the very least speaking out of turn.


At 8:43 AM, Anonymous s.venkat said...

You have had a long association with iit.What is your viewpoint on reservation in IAS,IITs.Will it affect the unity of india in the future because the policy makers will be splintered on the basis of caste.

Do you think tamil nationalism(tamils are sons of the soil,aryans are later arrivals)will lead to tamil separatism.

I have sympathy for kannadigas living near TN-karnataka border within TN(gudalur,Hosur,dhenkanikota,hogenakkal,talavadi)


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