Monday, July 17, 2006

The Mumbai Blasts: Dealing with Pakistani Attitude Problems

The main problem in dealing with the Pakistanis is that a great many of their number take it upon themselves to speak out of turn. Most of these people today are going to great lengths to talk sheer rubbish about the links between the Mumbai blasts and everything else under the sun. This is typical Pakistani behavior - talk without thought to the consequences. Whether you are Marianna Babar or Hamid Mir - every Pakistani is driven by a desire to project himself or herself as a superior defender of all forms of terrorism. And after someone points this out they all collectively whine about being "tarred with a broad brush as being bad Muslims" and "the problems of Pakistan's Jihadist image".

Somehow Pakistanis take great pride in allowing themselves to be held publicly accountable for the actions of murderers and rapists. This is their prevailing idea of national pride. All this nonsense of tit-for-tat, grating on India's "RAW nerves". It makes for good amusement. It is this attitude that has made Pakistan and its great army something that everyone in the world uses to wipe their ass with.

The problem in Pakistani society is that there is genuine lack of understanding about relevance and status. A great many misguided egos go around believing that they are important to the conduct of their country. And every chance they get they go around talking aloud using their media pulpits to show the world how they are protecting Pakistani interests - when in fact all they are doing is showing how terribly out of touch they are with reality. It is important to understand that this venting of control fantasies in the media is a very big part of Pakistani society. Every society needs clowns to amuse it - and in Pakistan - the clowns have to look like they are ready to go to Jihad at any moment. Like everywhere else - the clowns have to compete with each other and in Pakistan each clown has to look more Jihad-ready than the next one.

India knows this idiotic game they play well and under normal circumstances, we would have been very happy to let the Pakistanis bullshit on endlessly but unfortunately the Indian people are asking questions and we have to give them the right answers. The Indian people know that Pakistan was involved in this event. With that in the background the questions before them are:

1) Was this an ISI operation ordered by Musharraf to prolong his stay in power?

2) Was this an ISI operation ordered by someone to drive Musharraf out of power?

3) Was this an operation conducted by the ISI - independently of Musharraf for say -- private profit?

If the Pakistanis choose to deny us the answers out of a misplaced sense of national loyalty, then we will be forced to be unpleasant in the way we seek the answers. Once Pakistanis have given us the answers we need, I can't imagine any reason why we will care what they go around pretending.

The needs of peace and harmony can be met at the specific cost to the egos of a few misguided fools but at the present time that is really not our intention. I feel we are only concerned with the progress of our investigation.

Ofcourse if you are an intelligent Pakistani, you will soon realize that making open-ended and belligerent statements in the media will only spike the curiousity of Indian people who already see Pakistan as a criminal entity. The Indian people will then try to satisfy their curiousity with more questions and that means Government of India will have to give more answers. If Government of India is to give more answers - Pakistan will have to answer more questions. The more questions Pakistan has to answer - the more cans of worms it will have to open. The more cans it is forced to open - the more the troubles of Pakistan grow. If you are a very intelligent Pakistani - then you will understand that the parade of clowns in Pakistan has to stop to avoid bringing about an outcome that unravels the Pakistani state.


At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Sachin Kumar said...

I see a contradiction in the way Pakistanis act/react towards India. In case of Gujrat riots, they all wanted to cut the relations with India. But when Indians make similar noises towards them, they take the avatar of being prudent. I realise that that's the way politics works, but India should not do something just because Pakistanis want it to do something. India should not care if its actions make the Mush look good, or bad. He and democracy in Pakistan is Pakistanis' problem. Indians are not obliged to promote democracy in Pakistan when even the Pakistani general public hasn't had the guts to do anything about it. If they like hell, Indians should mind their own business and worry about keeping that hell away,rather than involve themselves with their internal BS.

The reason the peace process was started was to have peace. Peace has only gone down ever since. Do we really need this peace process?

Relegating this process will also show who our friends are. No one asked US for proof, except the Taliban, after 9/11. To have the Americans say stuff that only a drunk slob or a corrupt politician might utter is unfortunately consistent with the American policy. It'll be a good test of this budding 'friendship'.

my 2 c

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey maverick,

do you know how we can migrate to Israel? I am a Hindu but I wish to convert to Judaism and go to Israel and hopefully grow some of the balls that the jews me and help others (many want to)


At 7:18 AM, Blogger maverick said...


I feel the peace process was started as a means to engage the Pakistani Army in dialogue. If you recall the Pakistan Army had expressed considerable interest in being seen as some capable of talking to India and we in India has acceeded to giving them a place on the table after they agreed to sell out the HM. In order to get Musharraf that one press conference in Agra - a great many HM jihadis were offered up as sacrificial lambs.

The Pakistan Army - regardless of who is in power in Islamabad has to be seen to be talking to the government of India. This is *essential* for its continuation in power.

The Pakistan Army sells itself inside Pakistan as the *only* formation capable of keeping India's bloodlust at bay. If the Pakistani Army is not publicly seen to be talking the Indians out of murderous thoughts directed at Pakistan - the Pakistanis that matter will simply shift loyalties to someone else and kick the Pakistani Army out of power.

Pakistan has a huge trade with India - this trade pours billions of dollars into Pakistani bank accounts. It would be very easy for India to hold that trade hostage to dictate a political agenda in Islamabad. All the PM of India has to do is publicly say - "I do not think that General Musharraf is up to the task at hand" and someone inside the Pakistani Army will do the rest.

The one thing that Musharraf and his backers in the State Department fear above all else is their collective irrelevance.


If you think that is going to solve your problem - please go ahead.


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