Thursday, May 10, 2007

The real reason why the NPA hate Indian Mangoes


I recieved a telephone call a week or so ago.

The caller at the end of the line told me that an Air India 747 had landed in New York.

In the hold of this airplane was a consignment of mangoes, some 200 odd kilograms of it, bound for the people that matter in Washington D.C. The Mangoes were only allowed to be exported to the US when they were irradiated to remove harmful bugs in them. This was all part of the July 18th Agreement.

The reporters at the US end might have missed something that our NPA friends picked up.

The irradiators used to treat the mangoes were made by DAE!

After all the effort that the NPA put into labelling the DAE in India as dangerous and incompetent bunch of rogues intent only on making WMD, the policymakers in D.C. still thought it was okay to eat mangoes that had been treated by a DAE manufactured gamma ray irradiator.

The DAE's gamma ray irradiator offers the prospect of revolutionising the American produce storage industry. This industry is currently dependent on very wasteful and inefficient refridgeration technology to transport fresh vegetables. The high cost of this technology contributes to making fresh fruit and vegetables expensive on the American dining table. This high cost of fresh fruits and vegetables plays a significant part in precipitating the obesity crisis in the U.S.

Ofcourse the DAE had only started the gamma ray irradiator program to deal with storage problems the Food Corp. of India godown system. The persistent shortages due to poor storage of things like onions had led to the irradiator technology being embraced by farming collectives in India which could not easily access cold storage facilities.

But it seems that the DAE's irradiator has applications in the US too.

This is the key notion that the NPA have been battling to remove from the minds of US policymakers. They are desperate to ensure that no one in the US thinks that the DAE can do anything useful for the world.

The mangoes change all that. Not only is a technology developed in the third world is finding an application in a first world economy - it is a technology developed by the DAE of India - much reviled by the NPA.

Remember the DAE is currently implementing a number of biodigestor systems. At least one of these is being successfully tested at the Siachen Base camp. A large DAE manufactured biodigestor has been operating at an abattoir and a hospital in Mumbai for well over two years.

Could this technology too find application in the US? perhaps as part of a hybrid power source for cattle farms? or perhaps as part of a captive generation plant at a waste management facility?

Given the amount of biodegradable waste the US generates in a day, I don't see why not!

All it took to push the Mangoes thing over the edge was interest in the NRIs. So think about the biodigestor, and look at the DAE annual report for other things you might be able to use in other countries.

Now do you understand why the NPA hate the mangoes so much?


At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi m,
you are churning out article so fast, that it cannot be digested. They are some emails which I will send.
wonderful blogs.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Hi anonymous,

I see an old friend has returned to the disreputable forum with a very succinct statement of what the deal exactly means from the Indian and the US perspective.

If the US fails to make the deal go down to India's satisfaction, it will be only because the NPA stuck their oar in.

The NPA successfully couple anti-Bush feelings in the US senate to the nuclear deal and the culture of greed took care of the rest.

I notice that the NPA are now voicing the Pakistani "heebie-jeebies" over the India-US nuclear deal. So we finally know where the money is coming from!!

However do the NPA realise there is a conflict of interest? The Pakistanis are keen to get the IPI contract, and to that end poisoning the India-US nuclear deal is in their interest?

At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi m,
let us hope that his nuclear deal fails.MMS will be meeting GWB in June. Wait and watch for some more bombs going off in Bombay or elsewhere.


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