Thursday, November 17, 2016

A tentative plan to cope with the present situation

It is clear that things are not the way they should be and worse things loom on the horizon.

The arrival of the first wave of G-8 enforcers in DC today morning indicates that the world has grown tired of the confusion and the manner in which clearly unqualified people are being allowed to call the shots on critical issues.  A little bit of nepotism is tolerable but beyond a point it is gravely harmful to the Republic.

We are not a banana republic - there is a hard limit to the amount of bullshit we can put up with.

Only the deepest possible call to national unity can save our great nation and the world from certain catastrophe.

I propose that the legislative branches consider an "Extraordinary Measures Act" which seeks to provide much needed relief.

Under the provisions of this act - a council of former presidents should be created and assigned specific responsibilities. As with any other executive organ - this body too would be answerable to the legislative branches. We have five living members right now for the council - I venture they will be more than willing to keep working if the nation desires it. Additional oversight measures can be created as deemed necessary by the respective select committees.

Under this act - all branches of  the national security establishment - including but not limited to the Intelligence Community, the NSC, the HSC, the DHS, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the PSAB, the FIAB, the critical infrastructure protection programs etc... will report to the council of former presidents.  The council be given complete responsibility for all planning, operations and staffing. The NSS/NSCS should be expanded as needed to service the council's needs.

Also under this act - a bipartisan committee in the Congress and Senate would be formed to accept and examine recommendations for all non-national security related senior administrative positions by groups of eminent persons. Once cleared by this committee the nominations would have the same standing as any made by the executive branches,  For example - a council of eminent scientists could recommend candidates for Chief Administrator of the EPA or a council of key economists could recommend candidates for leading the Office of Economic Policy, or the Office of Management and Budget, or even the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and so on.

Quite naturally the "Extraordinary Measures Act" would have a sunset clause and the legislative branches could de-activate its provisions with a two-thirds majority as needed.

I realize what I ask for is unprecedented - but so are the circumstances we find ourselves in.

We must accept the responsibility that accompanies being a nation founded on immutable principles. We must show the resolve to protect, enforce and preserve them.

As others have said - there is much common ground here.

If sensible people come together - an unimaginable tragedy can be averted.

I am not a constitutional lawyer and I have no experience in the relevant areas - but I implore anyone who does to consider the idea presented here and give it a form that is more aligned with the existing process for getting things done.


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