Friday, December 16, 2016

Why is the GOP conducting a "Coup" in North Carolina.

I am sure you are all watching what is going on with the GOP in North Carolina and wondering what is going on.

The answer is simple - the GOP is building a political bug-out. 

The writing is on the wall. A major market correction is coming. When that happens, President Donald Trump will largely look out for his own business interests. It is unlikely that the GOP will be anywhere on his list of priorities.

Without any access to Donald Trump himself, the voters will blame the GOP for getting them into this mess and that is an anti-incumbency load that the GOP cannot bear. The GOP is completely fragmented on the inside. By pushing Trump out in front - they basically avoided internal collapse in the primary process.

They know what is coming - they have to build a bug-out shelter for that.

North Carolina is a decent place to do that. It is actually a purple state, the rural areas are dominated by tobacco related agricultural activities. The small urban areas are home a series of financial services and high-tech industries. After the "Bathroom Bill" was passed, the non-agricultural industries were forced to vacate their offices in NC. This created a massive hole in the NC revenue and the result was that the incumbent republican lost the election after a bitter and acrimonious battle.

As economic depressions go - North Carolina is well suited to survive the worst aspects. It is home to the Piedmont Plateau which is sandwiched between the Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic ocean. The plateau is quite fertile (as most places in the US go) and is home to a good bit of tobacco and cotton. The tobacco industry will likely not suffer any significant degradation during even the steepest economic down turn. People will still buy cigarettes and probably switch out of e-cigs to plain old cigarettes.

Having a stranglehold on a gold seam like that will ensure that the GOP survives even if the nation collapses.

What we are looking at in North Carolina is the re-purposing of a state's resources to secure a lifeline for the GOP.

As others have said - this is the beginning - there is more to come in the days ahead.

Other states where the Republicans are in danger out being wiped out when the Trump experiment eventually goes sideways - will see similar acts.

I would not be too surprised if the GOP mounts a similar stunt in the Congress and Senate.


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