Monday, June 19, 2017

India takes another step down the path to becoming Nazi Germany

With the explosive growth of the Gau Raksha campaign, the idea that any Muslim's Indian citizenship and national loyalty can be questioned at any point of time or place has gained ground. With the appointment of an RSS friendly President of India, and the eventual collapse of the upper house of the Indian parliament into the hands of Hindu right wingers - the Nazification of India is ever more certain.

It is not surprising that extremist factions in the BJP are now vying for power by exploiting communally sensitive issues. It is also not surprising that their terror tactics are being sugar coated as a case of India's Hindus asserting their right to worship without fear after one hundred billion years of slavery etc...

What is surprising is how quickly people in India's upper middle class are latching on to such ideas. The psychopathology of this is quite interesting there appear to several key steps to this "new enlightenment" and realization of the "whole truth"

Step 0: "Modi worship is the salvation of India." If you submit to the awesomeness of Modi, all ideas that go against him must be inherently wrong. As Modi epitomizes the Uber Hindu Man to so many - the cult of Modi worship is the gateway drug to becoming a full blown Nazi.

Step 1: "Muslims have too many special rights - time for Triple Talaq, Art 370, & Muslim Personal Law to go" - said in conjunction with "Congress has been using them as a vote bank" - this can be used to justify any abrogation of any random Muslim's rights. After all weren't they "given" Pakistan by the "evil Nehru-Gandhi" clan? Accept that "fact" and you have "risen" to the next higher level of Hindu Nazism.

Step 2: "Media lies, no Muslims were killed for this - it was some other personal enmity issue, no one is targeting Muslims..." - once you accept that there is no criminal pattern to study here, it is all a media conspiracy - even if you see it with your own eyes - your eyes are wrong - No Muslims Were Harmed By Hindus - the fiction is more seductive than the fact. Like Germans who insisted on believing that the Jews were merely "resettled in the East" or post WWII Germans who kept saying that the "Holocaust never happened", even when a number of former SS camp commandants were publicly telling people all the details of how Jews were loaded into gas chambers - you can deny anything that presents the opposite of the picture you want to see.

Step 3: "Sanatan Dharma blah blah blah"... the final act of outsourcing all responsibility for your personal actions to a philosophy that would sooner die than associate with the likes of you - if you can run rosary beads through your hands while you do this - you might even get a crack at nirvana or so you hope while the rest of India slides back into an unremitting hell.

This "enlightenment ladder" is gaining in popularity among culturally displaced populations in India.

It is not uncommon in India at all.

Change the word Hindu above to Kashmiri Muslim and you get the fire that started in Kashmir in 1989.

Change the word Hindu above to Sikh and you get what started in Punjab in the early 80s.

And so on.

It is the same old story but now told on a much grander canvas with much grander consequences.

What a shame indeed - for a moment there it looked like India was going to change for the better. Guess I was wrong and the Pakistanis were right. India is going to drown in a sea of its own Hindu Nazi piss.


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