Friday, October 20, 2017

With All Due Respect to My Fellow Americans

I keep hearing incessant whining about how the "Master Race" in America is going down and how Muslim countries are ripping off the USA for gas, and China is taking all the jobs and Mexicans are all MS13, and fuckin Canadians are doing ... I dunno whatever fuckin Canadians do.

That's all fine but here is a few facts that you might want to remember

1) The Muslims are selling America gas - BUT Americans are buying it and *wasting* it. You want to reduce the power of this lobby on American national affairs? Here is a helpful hint - DONT USE SO MUCH FUCKIN GAS!! buy a fuel efficient car, DON"T UNNECESSARILY BUY A BIG TRUCK - coz all that says is you have a small penis and like covering yourself in free Saudi oil.

2) The Chinese are taking all the jobs - BUT that is how the big corporations are showing profits by cutting down on manufacturing labor and environment related costs. Those profits are finding their way into YOUR IRA, YOUR SS Check and YOUR Medicaid costs. Without those profits - you would still be working your ass off like your Grandfather was during the depression era, the Cuyahoga would still be on fire and you wouldn't be able to afford a hospital visit.

3) Mexican are MS13 - Actual MS-13 is a Salvadorean thing but yes Mexicans cartels to smuggle drugs into the US - BUT - it is Americans who shoot those drugs into their own veins. That last part is a fucking choice you make. Don't blame the Mexicans for your own failings.

4) Those  fucking Canadians - Yeah so lets talk about what those "Canadians" are doing for a second.

Here are some links

1) Canadian dairy farms in Alberta are using biogas to diversify their output and they are succeeding
(check out this link -

2) Canadian mining towns in British Columbia are shifting to a green energy and tourism based economies (

3) Canada is putting up wind turbines where they can (

There are people who are doing this the US too - but they do not get anywhere near the support they should from the rest of us.

So my fellow Americans please

A ) Stop whining about what "others" are doing to you and look at what you are doing to yourself.

B) Take personal responsibility for your carbon footprint and make the necessary changes

  • Start small with something like "Food Localization" [1
  • Put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat 
  • Drive less - walk more! 
C) Also Biogas is the new coal/oil/natural gas/whatever word you like to put here. There are 2200 biogas systems deployed today. We could in theory put down at least 13000 or so. More if we decide to setup household level systems that process human and food waste. This would greatly reduce the weight and volume of waste that has to be moved around. So please get on the biogas wagon. 

If you don't do this - there will be a massive shock when you are forced to change by failing economic circumstances. 

If America is avoid going the way of the dinosaurs, then we must stop wasting the resources we have been gifted here. 

Also for God's sake - Stop Trump before he kills NAFTA - that is going to destroy the MidWestern economy. 


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