Thursday, March 01, 2018

Significant Arctic Temperature Fluctuation

The temperature of the Arctic region has spike to 45C above normal.

What makes this exceptional is not just the scale of the fluctuation but the fact that this spike has occurred at a time when the Sun has not yet risen in the region. As most of you may be aware - the Sun does not rise above large parts of the Arctic during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere - so to see the temperature rise 45C above normal is shocking (See below).

Based on our understanding of the interactions between the various Rayleigh Benard cells in the Northern Hemisphere, we can surmise that the Arctic temperature spike and the European cold wave. We call that kind of thing a "Polar Vortex" in the US.

Enhanced melting rates in the Arctic will bring the possibility of massive coastal flooding much closer. At the very least - all that moisture will have to go somewhere so we can expect torrential rain in places where it has never occurred before.

This will impose a major burden on the emergency response mechanisms and necessitate the investment of regular military personnel in humanitarian roles.

This Arctic temperature spike event should have triggered a massive national security review in the US and every last bit of data on emergent trends in climate data should be put under the microscope, but with Donald Trump still sticking his head in his ass - nothing is going to happen.

This is plain fucking nuts.


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