Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Mumbai Blasts: An Update

Some recent developments

1) Recent studies suggest that there is palpable anger in the general population and this is translating into pressure on the government to act publicly. Public theatrics are not political fashion in India - a public display of your alleged strength is seen as a sign of weakness. Strength is silent action. Call it Gandhian or give Gautam Buddha or Adi Samkara the credit if you feel it is deserved, but that is the way we are. Sorry to disappoint you all - the axe will only fall silently.

2) As the investigations get closer to whoever is actually responsible - the prospect of more strikes will increase. The cornered rat will put up a fight and he knows we are coming. A misguided sense of anger will prevail among the persons responsible, they will labor under the belief that we might be disuaded from a pursuit if there are more terrorist attacks. The fools may even believe that they will be able to hold out the threat of a terrorist attack as a negotiating tool. In order to mitigate this threat - there will be a ramp up in public security.

3) The inability to control the editorial slant introduced by major media houses has resulted in a build up of fear among muslims. We are now seeing typically defensive statements emerging. A common theme in these statements is that Hindu-Right wing groups were responsible for the blasts. This statement comes from two sources, the first group are mainstream Muslim politicians in India who want to ensure that they still have a moral fig leaf to attract Muslim voters. One must remember - a majority of India's Muslims have no part in the blasts and will not support someone who cannot actively canvas their innocence. A second source for this are western psy-ops groups in the Indian media that are keen on enraging mainstream Hindu opinion. Either way we think about this - we are back to my friend-who-reads-newspapers's viewpoint - things are out of control in the media. I am now hearing shocking rumors of news editors refusing to take phone calls from Cabinet Ministers. Junta - this looks bad and this is not going to end well.

4) It may be best if the guilty parties admit to their actions.

5) I was unaffected by the internet blockage initially but then they must have got to my service provider too. I am now using the well known work-around.

ps. I brought up the media reports of a blocking of blogspot in front of a guest who came for dinner and she said,

"I really don't see what the fuss is about. You would think that after the Mumbai blasts - people might be a little less self-centered about something as stupid as the e-journal of their latest rants. I am sure they must need this blogspot pulpit to preach about the need to be more patriotic citizens or something like that but the police have a job to do."

Needless to say I did not pursue the discussion any further.


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know you can tell that stupid guest of yours to shove his comments up his own rectum.
Reason being that in the name of "fighting terrorism" all the great UPA has done is ban and It takes no great reason to see why the above were done- the poor UPA would hate to see Madame Maino called a filthy bitch, as the first website does and the mere name of the second is enough to send shivers down any self respecting politburos spine.

Indias response to the terror attacks is pathetic. That of its babu-cracy, even worse.

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The western psy-ops inciting Indian hindus is a convenient tag- the foreign hand again, eh?
Why cant y'all face the fact that even the most educated Hindus are angry at the Indian Muslim community for their acts of complicity in such events and the traitorous antics of the Bukharis and the Abu Azmis? If the common Muslim can use the Gujarat incident to collectively tar all Hindus and wail about the momeen as many have done, then over a dozen of these attacks are good enough for Indian hindus to ask the so called moderate majority Indian Muslims to take a public stand and give up the SIMI bastards.

Blaming the Indian media, which to a degree has remained feckless and pandered to the Muslim communitys victim complex is foolishness.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger s c r a p s s t u f f s said...

The last thing that India needs is more incompetent people like your guest. Suggesting that the ban should be swallowed by Indians is so immature and so typically fucking arrogant that I'm sure your guest works for any of the varied and equally incompetent GoI arm.

Sunil, what came across was that GoI didn't know its head from its arse and typically went about acting in a knee jerk fashion by banning blogs. This supreme display of incompetence would have surely impressed everyone . Please convey these thoughts to your guest the next time she comes for chai-biscoot.

At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Nitin said...


He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; avoid him.

He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a student; teach him.

He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep; wake him.

He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man; follow him.

-variously attributed to ancient Indian, Persian or Chinese wisdom

Up to you to decide which category your dinner guest falls into, and act accordingly.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger maverick said...


I am getting a feeling for why my guest might have felt that the internet folk were just not helping with the government deal with this crisis.

It almost comes back to the kind of things that came up in the discussion with Nitin earlier, the government isn't happy with the way information and opinion is moving after the blasts and the internet is one of the things that is doing this.

I personally feel that Bukhari, Abu Azmi and Mulayam Singh or even the CPI people are going around doing exactly what the various Hindu right-wing groups have done in the recent past - level allegations at their adversaries without proof in a bid to deflect adverse publicity.

Maybe I am too old, but I can't excited about something like that. This Hindu-Muslim nonsense has being going on for so long I find it boring. I see it as a worn out old conflict - almost all the positions are completely tapped out. The vibrancy essential to a vigorous political debare is simply lacking in it. I anticipate that this kind of editorial slant will continue in the news media riding out the wave of public anger - but - if you are looking for a political issue that will win the election in India - I suggest working on the women - that is a vote bank that will deliver unfailingly.

I walk around in the evening and all the streets around here are choked up taxis filled with young women in their twenties all *GOING* to work at call centers. The number of women in the economy is growing rapidly - and they all having something to say - just sit down at a coffee shop with one and listen to what she is saying.

Give these women a political voice my friends - and they will give you the election.

The recently discovered penetrations in the Indo-US cyber security forum didn't develop suddenly. There is a large number of people who loyalty is now suspect. Whether you believe that there is a foreign hand at work or not - the government still has to deal with the penetration issue.

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its high time you understand that most of us dont swallow the Govts BS unquestioningly. If its your position that we follow the Govt is mai-baap then you are welcome to it. But dont expect all the netizens to swallow this chutiyagiri of the nth order.
You may think "hindu-muslim nonsense" to be old hat, for all of us who have seen this first hand- we know what the muslim leaders are feeding their followers and seeing the GOI bend over and expose its rear so as to not offend the Holy Prophet takes the cake. As regards all those women, they are welcome to their world, till the next bomb blast tears them to shreds because mai-baap GOI was too busy playing votebanks and more secular than secular itself...etc etc.
Yes, face it- trying to peddle the line that omnipotent Guvermint knows what its doing and for our benefit blocking yahoo image search (hai Allah, Koran in a toilet! block Yahoo image search!) is chutiyagiri of the highest order, no matter how much you or your guest, imagined or otherwise spins it. The present Guvermint is led by the Congress, and all the babus are bending over in trying to placate their oh so secular political masters..and even the biggest babe in the wood can see through their BS.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger maverick said...


You seem to be convinced that those news media outlets on which you are basing your opinions of government actions are somehow more honest then the government.

Your desire to appear to question the government is overwhelming your desire to actually understand that you are being misled by people whose agenda you have no understanding off.

As regards knowing who is the mai- baap and who is not. Well... jis ko apne baap ka naam nahi maloom uske baare koi kya keh sakta hain Miyan?


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