Monday, April 02, 2007

US Attempts to shove the Hyde Act down India's throat

It appears that a number of people in the US Congress actually laboured under the belief that somehow India would accept the dilutions made to the July 18th Agreement. Rumour has it that a great deal of lobbying with the implicit suggestion that despite the fact that India did not like the Hyde Act, India would buy American goods and services.

India had clearly told people in the US Congress that if the Hyde Act did not match the July 18th Agreement, there would be no contracts to US firms. However it appears that the US Congress was not paying attention.

So now as delegation after delegation of congressmen going to India is being politely but publicly told the exact same thing that was told to them privately a year ago... there is much anger on the American side. And as you all probably have come to expect now, given how things are between the Executive branch and the Congress, the Bush adminstration will do some token acts of punishing India to appease Congressional leaders.

I expect that there will be much entertainment in the weeks ahead as people in the US Congress attempt to use the Indian media to push India into buying stuff that their friends want to sell.

I feel this will be at least as idiotic as that show we saw in Pakistan last month, so sit back and have a charminar.


At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi m,
1)I think India and US are considering type-4 collapsing state scenarios. Most of the deal is all but sewed up.It will be publicly announced at the right time. Only the worst sufferers will be the IAF.
2)Meanwhile, your project on assimilating various meaty news items from the disreputable forum is still fresh in my mind.

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Hawkeye said...

You may have already seen this ( Is this the kind of thing you were referring to?

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

here is the meaty news item that you want for you project. - Berelvis want to take on the Deobandis. - Iran agreed for the sale of 1000-MW electricity to Pakistan (INN) - Foreign friends’ working on return of Nawaz Sharif (The News) to establish varsity in Pakistan (TOI) - Blackout Hit and run (The International News) - Senate Defence Committee visits frigate manufacturer in Shanghai (Daily Times) - Siachen talks end in failure - Pakistan - 40 die in Sunni-Shiite clashes - Jamia Hafza Issue: Musharraf offers talks to Mullahs (Daily Times) - Gas from Iran at all costs: Kasuri (Daily Times) - Indian Oil company eyes petrochem exports to Pakistan (IRNA) - 40 die as Parachinar sectarian violence spreads - The Failed Idea Of Pakistan - Now fake currency arrives via Delhi-Lahore bus - Police stay clear from Lal Masjid (Daily Times) - Musharraf made an offer to conquer Kashmir, reveals Bhutto - Top Pakistan bishop supports 'struggle' in Kashmir - Pakistan army troops take positions in Shin Warsik: DG ISPR (APP) - A United Front Against the Taliban (NYT) - 'He Wanted War' - Sharia enforced in Lal Masjid, Jamia Fareedia, Hafsa in Islamabad - Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan want China in SAARC (IRNA) - -Pakistan rejects report on aiding Jundullah (Daily Times) - Sherpao pledges strong legal action (Daily Times) - Really, what is going on? — Shaukat Qadir - Dheel to all, not just PPP, says Durrani (Daily Times) - PPP, government in semi-finals: Rashid (Daily Times) - ICG’s bleak report on Northern Areas (Daily Times) - Did Jihadis ‘kidnap’ Sindhi nationalists? - Petition against Rauf’s extradition - Pakistan to host world Buddhist summit (Daily Times) - People with courage rig elections: Wasi Zafar (Daily Times) - Tribes seek air support in fight against foreigners (Daily Times) - Nawaz, Maqbool meet in Dubai? (Daily Times) - 'Pak not sincere in war on terrorism' (The Nation)§ion=subcontinent&col= - Suicide bomb threat rings out in Pakistan capital (Khaleej Times) - Musharraf creating right ambience for the return of BB by abolishing probes - Jamia Hifsa madrassah to run paralle shriah court in the heart of Islamabad - - Abdur Rashid Ghazi goes into hiding (Daily Times) - Aziz and Vajpayee discuss Indo-Pak peace process (Daily Times) - Clashes in Pakistan kill 60 near border (Houston Chronicle) - Iran's Majlis speaker begins Pakistan visit (IRNA) - Sharif asks US to stop supporting Pak military (TOI)


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