Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lal Masjid: The Death of Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi

Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi was found dead in the "basement" of the Mosque. Incidently which residences or mosques in the subcontinent have a "basement"? This is total rubbish.

Ghazi was "found dead" in the tunnel that links the Lal Masjid with that most wonderous and magical underground world that exists beneath the Aabpara office.

Accounts of his death vary, the Pakistani Army claims he died at the hands of militants when he tried to surrender to the Army. Others believe that the Army killed him when he refused to surrender.

What he knew about this crisis, he takes to his grave, but we do know that by current estimates a hundred people are dead in Operation Silence so far and at least a dozen of those are SSG personnel.

There is an attempt being made by US friendly folks in the Pakistani media to turn this utter fiasco into a platform to go after Ghazi's friends in the ISI. These friends of America in the media are pushing the line "what were the (intelligence) agencies doing". They are essentially putting the blame for this mess on the script writers of Aabpara.

I want to ask these friends of America in the Pakistani media, do you really think that the ISI is going to take the blame for this? are you really that naive? Exactly how much heroin do you have to shoot up before you start believing bilge like that?

In an earlier post or perhaps a reply to one of the readers I had said that we will never know if it was a deliberate move by Aabpara to allow things to boil over, or whether it was an accident of history. Regardless of the truth, people will believe what they want to and students in madrassas across Pakistan are conditioned to believe only one version of things. Revenge attacks will soon follow and it will not be entirely surprising if something quite terrible happens in the next few days.

With high-ranking retired Pakistani spymasters openly stating that Musharraf's credibility (as someone who is capable of ruling the country properly) has declined, the obvious stares one in the face.


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