Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's in it for us?

An important question that people must learn to ask - especially the DCH.

Some 50,000 or so Indians have lost their lives to Pakistani inspired violence. If that was not enough reason for us to slice their throats ... why should a few thousand non-Indian casualties in Afghanistan matter to us?

If someone can't "occupy" Pakistan with the Army's help, how would they successfully occupy it without the Pakistan Army's help?

Why should we sit around and watch valuable global oil resources be expended to drive humvees in Pakistan, when the same oil could be used to make electricity that powers schools, universities and factories in India?

For the past thirty years, a military dictatorship sat on our borders and talked down to us about human rights and self-determination and democracy. Why would we want a self-declared global hegemon on our borders lecturing us on the same things?

Look if you don't have enough fuel to carry out your military operations in Afghanistan - you need to find ways of doing more with the fuel that you do have.

Look start small ... just turn the airconditioner off and then don't use the helicopters to ship toilet paper... and then scale back pointless artillery barrages.

Coming up with more fuel expensive military ventures is not a sensible approach and no it isn't going to scare the Pakistanis.

Added later:

It is immature to expect a border across a continous cultural landscape to be sealed.


At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny that the very guys who wrote the book on optimization in logistics in WW2 display such criminal incompetence now. Heck, they started it in WW2 itself when they started flying in Christmas Cakes, with Holly Leaves and decorated icing, into Europe for XMas '44. (I dunno if they did the same for Marines though! :) ) I understand there's the morale thing and such factors are vehemently argued in various fora but still.....
Then there's the vastly increased mechanization, gas guzzling armor, monster trucks, embedded Mobile TV Stations and all those generator trucks you need for a machine like the US Armed Forces. Maybe they are hanging on for a strong leverage on Central Asian oil.... they sure can't afford to leave such a mother lode of oil & gas a stone's throw away from China and India. It's bad enough that Russia is rather self sufficient in energy, heaven forbid China (and maybe India) spinning off from Uncle's cozy setup too.

PS: That new critter in the DF is either the American version of Moorthy Muthuswamy or he's some plant like our old friend RaviCV. Methinks it's the former.

-Anand K

At 3:15 AM, Anonymous akash said...

I just recently became a reader of this blog. I don't understand what you mean by DCH.

Sorry if this is already explained before.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger maverick said...

Hi AnandK,

Morale boosting is done by giving the troops something nice .. occasionally ... not by giving them luxuries every ten seconds. In Kargil we sometimes gave our troops warm food, it helped boost morale and inspire them to climb up the slopes under Pakistani Army fire.

I am watching the developments on the disreputable forum - and I do not know what to make of it.

Among the Neocons there are two groups.

There are the "Real Neocons" who know that the whole Neocon thing is really just a plain old fashioned con. These are the same people that gave us wonderful concepts like the "non communist left" or the "freedom house" etc... These guys are real honest to god psywarrior who have been targetting the US population for over 50 years. Guys like Buckley etc...

And then there are genuine idiots - people who bought into this whole neocon ideology because it was a comforting alternative to dealing with the horrible and complex reality of the world. These genuine idiots actually took all that "America Uber Allez" crap the "Real Neocons" dealt out as a feel good balm post 9-11 very seriously and they are usually the ones who come up with stupid shit ideas like the ones we have seen on the forum recently.

Usually the genuine idiots aren't completely coming up with shit out of their posteriors - they are reflecting the anger and angst within the USG machinery. And unlike the "Real Neocons" - the genuine idiots do not know when to shut up.

Paying attention to the trend is worthwhile even if the specifics are a waste of time.

Abbaji's khaas has spoken to the Amir al Umara and the Potnavis. It appears the Amir al Umara is not keen to do anything sudden but at the same time the voice of the potnavis cannot be silenced. The Khan-i-Khanan has deflected the pressure to make a public statement and the waqia-navis' tongues are wagging.

Dear Akash,

DCH-- Dil Chahta Hain.

The DCH is a reference to young Indians born after 1980. These people attained political maturity after the problems of Punjab were sorted out and most of them reached military service age after most of the crap in Kashmir had been cleaned up. The DCH grew up watching cable TV in the 90s and like the protagonists in the movie Dil Chahta Hain, the DCHers actually think life in India has always been a ride in a mercedes convertible from Bombay to Goa.


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