Saturday, September 17, 2016

A very painful Brexit process has begun

 "The campaign was fought ... and the public gave their verdict. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU ... and no second referendum. ... Brexit means Brexit."

Theresa May - June 30th 2016

I think these words carry great significance as they lay out the pain and suffering that lies ahead. The Prime Minister is correct, if citizens do not recognize their civic responsibilities or do not exercise them with due diligence, then they must suffer the consequences. 

By appointing Boris and other Leave leaders into ministerial positions, Prime Minister May has executed a Machiavellian master stroke. She has put the people yelling the hardest about leave in the front line of the battle to deliver on it. If these people fail - they will be visibly accountable for the suffering that follows.

If we had fought WWI or WWII in the same fashion and pushed the loudmouths who wanted the war into the trenches and the tanks - then I suspect the war would have been over much faster. 

A great many opportunists had attempted to use the Leave campaign as a political spring board, they never expected it to succeed but to use the publicity to launch themselves into lucrative careers as pointless-talking-heads. Madame May's move to make them into ministers has now caused the entire Leave effort to backfire on its opportunistic creators - what they hope would be a stairway to financial heaven has become their political epitaph. 

For their part the EU states will make this process as prolonged and painful as possible. It is in their collective interest to bargain as hard as possible. And any economic hardship that results from this will end up being directly blamed on the very people who proposed the Leave idea and then failed to deliver on its well advertised promise. 

The tentative date for discussions on how to go about the whole Article 50 activation has been set for mid February. If the Leave campaigners wish to leave their cushy ministerial positions and seek out alternative employment elsewhere (I mean Nigel Farage clearly has found himself a place in the American political sideshow act sector) - then they have to do it before that date - because beyond that date, if they withdraw they will be seen as rats deserting a sinking ship. 

As long as Madam May keeps her iron will on the issue in full view of the public. None of these opportunists will survive contact with the reality of Brexit. 


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