Monday, November 21, 2016

Why Asra Nomani is pro-Trump? - Some insights.

Some of you might have noticed Asra Nomani is pro-Trump and actually voted for him.  She has gone to great lengths to tamp down on the negative reaction that talk of the "Muslim Registry" has created in the media.

Most people - even the CAIR types - wouldn't know why Asra would do such a thing.

To understand this we must turn the pages of recent history that we may have forgotten.

A month after 9/11/2001 an American Airlines flight 587 crashed into a neighborhood in Queens NY. The FAA found that the airplane had run into some kind of wake turbulence and the pilot had lost control, but rumors persisted that something quite different had transpired. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed apparently told his subordinates that the flight had been brought down by a suicide bomber Abderraouf Jdey with a "shoe bomb".  A month later Richard Reid's "shoe bombing" attempt to bring down American Airlines Flight 63 was stopped. The advanced design of the Reid's "shoe bomb" made observers wonder if the Jihadis had access to other advanced bomb technologies.

This was an exceedingly difficult time, people wondered what had come of the links between Pakistan's nuclear establishment and the Jihadis. Rumors circulated that the Reid was linked to a Pakistani ISI backed Jihadi group that was declared a terrorist organization in the US - the Jamaat-ul-Fuqra. The members of the Jamaat ul Fuqra were believed to be loyal to one Mubarak Ali Jilani, a man with a very interesting resume. A rumor circulated that Fuqra acolytes had access to Pakistani nuclear weapons.

The Wall Street Journal dispatched a reporter named Daniel Pearl to look into this. Accompanying him was a new hire who had very little experience in this sort of thing - Asra Nomani. When Asra and Daniel landed in Karachi - they stirred up a hornet's nest. Death threats were made and many people warned them to be extremely careful about who they interacted with. Daniel unfortunately persisted and then one day he disappeared leaving Asra to hold all the pieces.

Asra held the pieces, she literally held Daniel's wife Marianne Pearl (who was then pregnant with their son Adam) as she learned of Daniel's execution. Asra saw first hand what the Islamic Jihadis did to innocents.

Not long after that Asra came back to the US and founded the first mosque led by a woman. She spent her entire time facing death threats from Jihadi groups and she became the face of feminist resistance to the Jihadi agenda.

Against this backdrop it is easy to see why Asra would support a candidate who speaks openly about combating the very people who threatened her life for the past decade. Asra's sentiments (unlike those of many Trump supports) are based on first hand knowledge of the threat posed by Jihadi groups.

In my opinion - Asra Nomani - is was and will always be - a true hero of the resistance against religiously zealotry - even if it turns out she was misled by the Donald Trump Campaign's cleverly crafted marketing.

Also in my opinion Asra needs to think very carefully about what she is supporting. No good will come from someone like her getting mired in US domestic politics.


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