Friday, December 16, 2016

Does President Putin actually want Donald Trump to be President?

I think the CIA and FBI are finally on the same page wrt the role of FSB/SVR-RF/Line(PR) operations.

Although that only took a million years to actually happen - I find it hard to disagree with so many agencies that protect our nation.

Given that nothing is obvious in the world, I want to ask a simple question.

Does President Putin actually want Donald Trump to be President?

It makes sense to me that President Putin would want to mess around with the US electorate. It is all too easy to manipulate low information density types and after all that the US was doing to Russia, maybe President Putin felt like it was worth it to have a good laugh at America's expense.

Meddling with the minds of people who don't fact check information before them and jump random conspiracies is just too easy. Having Line(PR) set up an entire Troll-on-Demand service is also brilliant. So some congratulations are in order.

Kudos FCD /SVR-RF or whatever you prefer to call yourself - you are sheer genius - not that you didn't know that already or that you need me to tell you that.

So let me ask the son-of-a-bitch question to you guys in Yasenevo.

Where exactly do you want this to go?

Let us turn the clock back a little bit to Kabul 1978

Some genius came up with the idea of getting the PDPA to take out Daoud. Which would have been enough, but then it wasn't - so it became necessary to take out his successor, and then his successor and then finally god-only-knows how many Russian soldiers ended up in Afghanistan wondering which way is up.

One thing leads to another, it is the law of unintended consequences.You can meddle in these things up to a point and then it gets really really messy.Once it gets to that point - it all goes pear shaped.

I know you read this blog.

You don't have to answer me.

But - if you don't know the answer to that question - please figure it out because this is going to turn into something open ended and that isn't going to work for anyone.

And also - aah.. you do know that Trolls on the internet have a mind of their own right? It is not possible to control them - even if you have them all parked in one building - the armies of Troll-kind they assemble in cyber space are for too distributed for anyone to contain. Once these get going - they will turn and bite the hand that feeds them without a second thought.


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