Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Daily Donald 4/20/2017

It appears Reuters has unearthed documents from a Putin funded Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS) that detail a plan to  "swing the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump and undermine voters’ faith in the American electoral system" [1]  Apparently the documents themselves were obtained by less than legal means, but it is pretty clear that the documents point to massive RIS backed information operations aimed at bringing Donald Trump to power. 

As with all these things, a lawyer can always poke holes in it but in the intelligence world where the opponent always does a lot to obscure their actions, the existence of this much visible evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia is horrifying. 

A lot of people are expecting to see indictments and impeachments and so on. That is sometimes how the intelligence world works - when the evidence is seen as being good enough to stand up in court but when the adversary is likely to use a court trial to gain advantage a different route needs to be followed. 

Let me put it another way - unlike law enforcement where the only objective is to put criminals behind bars, in the spy world the objective is to deny the other side an advantage. Convictions - if they can help - should be carried out, but one must keep an open mind. A lot of times the situation changes depending on how one thinks about it. 

The treason that Donald Trump has committed is staggering in its scope. And truth be told - there is nothing in the constitution that offers immediate relief. Right now this entire treasonous complex operates with a sense of impunity. People like Prince, Stone, Manafort, Kushners, Bannon etc... all think they can commit any crime they like and Donald Trump will pardon them. All these people are very rich so they think they can afford big lawyers and they will get away with anything. 

It is this attitude, this belief that there is no way to hold them accountable that makes the situation really unstable. Yesterday we saw Exxon apply for a sanctions waiver to explore oil in Putin's arctic regions. This kind of blatant corruption allows us to visualize the extent of the problem. We now clearly see how messed up the ONG sector has become. These people are willing to sell out their own country to preserve their bonuses. 

As the RIS is composed of extremely intelligent people, they will always find new ways of penetrating the security sphere of our country- that is quite literally their day job. There will always be someone vain or stupid enough to buy into their promises and become their agent. This person will always operate under the belief that there is no accountability for their actions. 

Restoring accountability is the key to preventing the RIS from getting further advantage at this time. For our part as citizens, we must seek ways of excluding the influence of fake news from our minds. If nothing else atleast look to see if the news item you are reading has been first published in an RIS backed online channel. Once the sources of their propaganda are identified, the cumulative effectiveness of the propaganda will go down. 

At a higher level, the ethics review process inside Congress is clearly broken. Jason Chaffetz indicated yesterday that he is not seeking re-election in 2018. It would be best if he stopped obstructing the ethics review in the House altogether. It is not in the GOPs interests to see its image as a party of principled conservatives be damaged. That is is the surest way to reduce any chance of the GOP getting any seats in 2018. As things stand there is >20 pt shift in KS04 and GA06. If that trend continues, the GOP will lose everything in 2018. If Trump is still president by then, it is likely that he will try to cut deals with the Dems and blow traditional GOP power bases out of existence.  Worse still the Dems will end up taking credit for impeaching him. That will ensure that the GOP is remembered in history as the Party of Vladmir Putin for an eternity. Surely no GOPer would want that.

On a related note, everyone knows that Bill O'Reilly was helping a fellow alleged sex-criminal Donald Trump gain positive coverage on Fox. Now that Bill O'Reilly has been fired for sexual harassment issues. One link in the Donald Trump human centipede has been disabled.

It seems another link in the same human centipede - Alex Jones - has been exposed quite badly in his divorce proceedings. His ex-wife contested custody of the kids by claiming that he is unhinged and has been diagnosed with a severe narcissistic personality disorder but his lawyers are claiming "he only plays a character on his YouTube channel - Infowars". Apparently Alex Jones thinks it is okay to claim that the kids that died in Sandy Hook Elementary School never existed. The pain he inflicts on the poor parents is entertainment per his definition. For now Alex has gone quiet. My guess is that he hopes to be able to have some access to his kids but if he doesn't get it - I imagine he and his fans will attack the Judge presiding over his case. That ofcourse will completely lead to a very long jail term, but a narcissistic person just can't help themselves.

On the topic of narcissists, our Russia friendly AG is very busy encouraging toxic behavior in the Justice Department. Having collected a cabal of pliable Nazis, he is going around turning the Justice Department into Donald Trump's rubber stamp. It is no surprise therefore that department has fired the US attorneys but they have no replacements several weeks after the event. It is unclear who if anything is going to make the Justice system do anything at all. It seems the whole point of this exercise is to defeat the physical machinery of the Justice Department that would otherwise bring criminals like Donald Trump to justice. 

As the visible demand to see his tax returns grows, Donald Trump's insecurities rise. As his insecurities rise - the stupid bullshit explodes. 


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