Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Daily Donald 4/4/2017

Yesterday the WaPo published an article about a secret back channel that Erik Prince set up between President Elect Trump and the RIS. It appears this channel was established in Seychelles with the help of the Emiratis.

This news report sparked the Democratic twitter sphere to look closely at the links between Alfa Bank, Trump Corporation and the Prince/DeVos family owned Spectrum Health. From the investigation carried out by @TeaPain - it appears that Alfa Bank (RIS), Spectrum Health (Prince) and Trump Campaign set up a secret database. Via this data network information illegally collected about millions of American voters was shared with Cambridge Analytica and RIS. The micro-targeting information created from this data was used to guide RIS bots, cyborgs and trolls against specific users who had been selected for opinion modulation.

I do not know if micro-targeting like this is actually a viable marketing strategy. Chances are it probably doesn't work any better than blanket messaging (see MWR_DBM's views) but that does not mean that someone who doesn't understand the details (Rebekkah Mercer) and someone who is trying to make a fast buck (Alex Nix, Steve Bannon etc..) and someone who is desperate (i.e. Trump Campaign's Project Alamo) would not be inclined to try it out [ref see 1. 2].

This latest discovery of course adds to the criminal nature of the Trump campaigns actions during the 2016 campaign. Not only did they collaborate with Russia, a hostile foreign power - they also participated in the wholesale theft of the private data of millions of Americans. This adds words to the ballad of the stolen election. This ballad may be much more powerful than the song of  emasculation that brought so many white men to the voting booths for Trump on November 8th 2016.

It comes as no surprise therefore that over the weekend Donald Trump reached out to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul for help and over yet another round of golf, they schemed ways to support the "Wiretapping" allegations. As expected on Monday the entire discussion took the form of an attack on former NSA Susan Rice and as it blew up on Twitter an unexpected consequence was a firefight that erupted between Deploraball leader Mike Cernovich and Bannon's Breitbart news. The firefight was over credit for the defame-Susan-Rice-scheme, apparently Mike Cernovich felt it was his idea but Breitbart took credit. The firefight ended with Mike Cernovich calling Breitbart "Fake News". Seasoned watchers of the MAGA phenomena may recall that Cernovich had earlier cut off the Neo Nazi "Baked Alaska" from attending the Deploraball celebration earlier in the year. Apparently Cernovich had felt that Baked Alaska's "1488, JQ etc..." (Neo Nazi Hitler worship and genocide support) had no place in the Trump Admin and predictably Baked Alaska had called Cernovich by  many epithets and insulted Cernovich's Jewish faith.  Most outsiders saw this as a battle between the Kushner-Fridman-Netanyahu "Judea-Samaria" faction and the Rothschild-Hating-RIS faction. It seemed like a friendly little spat - Baked Alaska didn't do anything to physically hurt Cernovich or vice versa. Now this latest sniping incident between Breitbart (widely believed to be another RIS front) and Cernovich is a probably another case of friction between the Judea-Samaria and the Gas-Chamber-for-All-Jews faction. On the face of it - it seems like nothing - but I suspect it represents a growing fracture in the ranks of the Trumpers.

As his approval ratings continue to plunge, Donald Trump signed away the privacy rights of all Americans by approving the internet providers to sell your browser data to whoever wants it. This apparently totally ticked off most of the shitposters who make up the bulk of The_Donald Reddit group. Many were hoping he wouldn't sign it but I am not sure how they feel now that he has. I would track the membership of that group as an indicator for shifts in support for DJT.  I kind of knew that group was in trouble after the moderators introduced a stricter screening policy for even asking questions on the group. This was a group that was founded after people felt that Reddit's usual moderators were being too restrictive and not letting people speak freely.  Yes - Schadenfreude. 

As someone who is used to seeing such things, I feel the main development of yesterday was the complete exposure of Erik Prince as the "Bahubali" of the Trump political machine. In India - the "Bahubali" is the muscular core of the political machine. The "Bahubali" is the generalissimo of all the murder squads, the money moving rackets and the "mission control" of the entire political project.  Despite my dislike of Trump - I confess Erik Prince is a good choice for such a role. He is experienced and has many loyal followers. In the days of old, this position fell to Ted Shackley - the Blond Ghost. My only problem with Erik has been his inability to work within the system. He doesn't seem to get along. Way back in 2002 - he was really showing amazing results but then he just completely went down a path no one expected. This could be because he is brilliant or it could be because he cannot interact constructively with peers. I don't know and I have not seen his confidential record to make a clear judgement of such matters.

In any case Erik is now completely exposed. Every move he makes will be tracked. Even if he goes to great lengths to hide his movements, the people he goes to meet will be inclined to out the contact to avoid risks downstream. That is not a climate that Erik thrives in. Why just him - no professional could deal with that level of scrutiny. This is bad for the Trump political machine - as one of the most critical and desirable qualities in a "Bahubali" is invisibility.

We are headed towards Mitch McConnel activating his "nuclear option" in the Senate to get Judge Gorsuch confirmed. Once that happens we will be on our way to a complete fracture of parliamentary safeguards against executive manipulation.

By Friday end - this will be a different country.


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