Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Daily Donald 03/30/2017

The Trump admin's move to stall the HPSCI investigations appears to have worked to some extent. While the obvious blockage of the HPSCI testimonial channel has resulted in numerous detrimental leaks, it has prevented a highly visible accountability mechanism from taking the Trump Admin to task over its RIS links.

This blockage will not last indefinitely as the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) will eventually begin its own hearings and that will lead to more problems for the Trump Admin. However this Admin appears to operate on a week by week basis. It has so little by way of think-ahead/look-ahead there is nothing else that would make sense of it to do. Most cabinet officers and staff in the Trump Admin don't think they will last more than a few weeks or at most a few months.

As for the HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes, it appears he is operating under the belief that he is not meaningfully accountable for his actions and whatever he does will not have meaningful personal consequences for himself. This is not unusual as House Reps tend to be dimwitted as a whole, but what Chairman Nunes seems to be relying on is that he will either be paid off handsomely by Trump Admin and never have to bother with running for election again or he will go to jail and be pardoned by President Trump.

Perhaps he doesn't realize that once the HPSCI blockage fails to contain the situation, President Trump will discard Chairman Devin as he will become a liability as opposed to an asset. We all know what happens to liabilities and right now the Trump Admin is racking up a lot of such liabilities.

The Trump Admin's Eminence Grise Steve Bannon is in the news again. This time it appears his Brieitbart News online paper acted as an undeclared foreign agent of an Egyptian billionaire name Mustafa Al- Gendi.

In other news the high levels of scrutiny of Jared Kushner has caused the Chinese multinational Anbang to go slow on some "deals" they were going to make. How this affects the Chinese Premier's visit to Mar-a-Lago next week, I cannot say.

And President Trump signed some piece of paper designed to make it look like he favors carbon fuel based energy. This was part of some vague promises he made to the Coal miners in West Virginia and there are many doubt about whether this will actually benefit them or simply make life easier for the Natural Gas producers who want to kill coal mining completely, but it is strange to see a President who is so anti-Globalization but so pro-Carbon fuels. Carbon fuels are the most globalized commodity ever. If you are pro-Carbon fuels you are in the pockets of the biggest players in the globalization movement. Obviously I don't expect the average VW coal miner to grok something that complicated but the rest of us have a right to know.

Apparently the GOP and Trump Admin had some kind of meeting of minds yesterday. They can't agree on the "Replace" part of the "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" - so they are going to go ahead with the "Repeal" part so that they don't look like complete feckless idiots right now. As has been repeatedly pointed out the "Repeal Obamacare" without the "Replace" part is a genocidal agenda - but that doesn't seem to stop a GOP which is finding itself fast losing popularity.

In sync with this the Mercers are now paying out millions of dollars into a multi-state ad campaign that is seeks to bolster the image of the failing President Trump. This campaign is being coordinated by Cambridge Analytica -so keep on the lookout for pro-Trump/anti-Hillary messaging that mysteriously appears on your social media feed and be sure to thank Cambridge Analytica and the Mercer family folks!!!

The single minded devotion of this Admin to committing genocide - of the old and the poor - and their love of all things corrupt and corporate, makes me wonder. I wonder if the Trump Admin is merely another facet of the "Evil Globalist Agenda". Globalization relies on having minimal opposition to the free transport of goods and services across national borders. If certain segments of the population in a country want to resist globalization - then the "Evil Globalists" will want to remove these people from power. Clearly as Hitler demonstrated w bullets you can only kill a few million or so, and that too is not very efficient so that's probably not on. But then as the Spanish Flu demonstrated, you can kill ~100 millions with a pandemic. Yes it is indiscriminate but perhaps it can be made more discerning by selectively moderating the health management system that would attempt to contain the pandemic?

It is clear that from an "Evil Globalist" perspective the old white people of Middle America are a major barrier to the global economic integration they seek. If their health management could be degraded, a pandemic would wipe them out fairly selectively. In doing so the opposition they represent would ebb away and globalization could proceed apace?

Perhaps that is the missing piece of the Trump puzzle.


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