Monday, March 27, 2017

The Daily Donald 3/27/2017

Three major developments

1) The TrumpCare/ACHA failed to pass despite a GOP majority in the House and Senate and a GOP President. Trump is now attempting to place blame for the failure on Speaker Paul Ryan and Chief of Staff Reinhold Preibus. The entire White House staff is leaking profusely as the Bannon, Preibus and Kushner factions attempt to land this mess on each others' door. The Bannon faction has been exposed as being completely useless at actually getting anything done. The GOP has quite predictably resisted President Trump's attempt to tie the Obamacare repeal to its tail. With a vast majority of people in US opposing the ACHA/TrumpCare - the GOP put its foot down and dissolved into what appeared to be infighting. Now President Trump has to explain to Goldman Sachs and other on Wall Street why he isn't such a great deal maker and negotiator. That lack of confidence will show up in the DJIA over the next week. I think it is fair to say that the Trump rally is over and the Great Collapse has begun.

2) Consistent reports of Gen. Flynn turning state witness in the Russian spying case have appeared. Given the wide extent of collaboration between the Trump organization, the Trump campaign and people close to the RIS/Putin - this may very well be the kiss of death. In the middle of last week, President Trump seemed disconnected from his work. His mind was clearly elsewhere. He let it slip to the National Enquirer that the WH had "caught a Russian Spy working in their midst" - Apparently that was a reference to Gen. Flynn. The NE also claimed that President Pence had been saved from falling into the jaws of a HRC driven conspiracy by Julian Assange.  In the shit-you-can't-make-up category - it seems Mr. Trump is coming to the grips with the reality that his Russia ties make a clear case for treason and this gross violation of the sanctity of electoral process voids the verdict. One can expect to see more disturbing facts emerge as the train-of-pain winds its way through the week.

3) The RU Min External Affairs mysteriously threatened the USIC. In an article published in a newspaper, the Min Ext. Aff. (probably Peskov himself) threatened to release "damaging secrets" from the Obama days if the "leaks" of not just US but also "Russian" matters did not stop. When I saw this, the first thought I had was wow - Moscow's ass must be in the fire if they are desperate enough to do this. Turns out I was not far off, over the weekend 80 cities have erupted in "Anti-Corruption" protests. The news of the protests leaked out on the internet but Russian TV largely refused to cover it. With crowds chanting "Russia without Putin" and repeated comparisons to the Tsar - it appears the Putin regime is fast losing the narrative in Moscow. Naturally like all regimes in this situation, it will resort to repression (which of course will make matters worse) and ultimately collapse into a hell of its own making.

Given the way that Mr. Trump compulsively golfs and lies about it, and the complete lack of interest he has in the "little shit" (to borrow his words) - I think this Presidency is over. The grievous and failed attacks by Mr. Trump on Speaker Ryan have left the GOPers with no choice but to push ahead with a full impeachment. While a few Trumpers (with curiously Russian sources of funding) like Chairman Nunes have tried to remain loyal to him, their behavior is so absurdly out of order, it is likely they will be facing a criminal obstruction charge themselves.

The only question now is whether Mr. Trump will be able to go prevent a conviction.

It is here that the words "neuro syphilis" will take on crucial meanings.

PS. The Toronto Star treated us to an article about how deep in the "forgotten belt" Trump still evokes support. I agree that may be true, but then I remind everyone poverty can produce a vicious cycle - people are poor they make poor choices and become poorer or remain poor and make poorer choices or repeat their previous poor choices. These "forgotten people" have had their trust breached by GOPers so many times that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to reach out to them.

PPS. The Trump rally is ending. The market will correct in predictable ways. As Putin is too busy sorting out his own problems, I doubt he will make time for anyone else. Perhaps this can be inferred from Boris Epshtyn's sudden resignation. Mr. Trump's show has been cut loose. The Russians have withdrawn as much as they can from the market. There is quite literally nothing holding it up.  Expect the obvious.


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