Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Daily Donald 3/21/2017

The evidence of significant links between Trump Campaign and RIS is piling up. Yesterday we watched as HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes broke with the long standing traditions of his committee and with known best practices in criminal investigation and ran to the White House with everything he was told by the FBI and other IC sources.

Using the information that HPSCI Chairman Nunes gave the WH and the press (apparently before he told his fellow committee members), the WH attempted to make it seem that Rep. Nunes' information "vindicated" President Trump's claims of President Obama "wiretapping" his campaign in 2016. That attempt failed after making a feeble headway on some Trump Pravda outlets.

It turns out that HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes had told the WH yesterday that the FBI had been tapping known RIS operatives and it had recorded several conversations between Trump Campaign staff and the RIS. In these conversations a great deal of information had been obtained about Donald Trump's relationship with the Russians. Even though Rep. Nunes was never shown the details of the information, it became clear that the DJT Admin sees the mere existence of this information as a threat to its political existence.

This is unprecedented in our history.

For its part the Trump Admin has been steadily distancing itself from RU interests. Gone is President Trump's overt praise of President Putin. DJT's former campaign manager and current neighbor in Trump Tower - Paul Manafort and Carter Page are being hung out to dry. Roger Strone Jr seems quite scared if his twitter is anything to go by. And Secy Tillerson is now saying he didn't know President Trump until he was actually offered the SoS job. Both claims are remind us of how close to Baghdad Bob's media operation this circus in WH PressSec's office really is.

Out in Ukraine, the Russian mobilization grows in strength and reaches frightening proportions. Today it appears another Putin detractor has been killed in Kyiv. President Trump may be comfortable with letting things go to hell, but President Putin's taking no chances.

As several ranking GOPers begin to defy President Trump in subtle but unmistakable ways, one can now  visualize not just an impeachment process, but also a conviction and jail time. It is only fitting that the man who said he would put his opponent in jail by appointing a special prosecutor, is the one who now faces the prospect of impeachment and jail time.

Which brings me to another thing that candidate Trump did. Candidate Trump always made it seem like Hillary Clinton was a weak woman with terminal health issues. He went to great lengths to make her seem diseased.

Since his election we have seen his behavior and it appears a great deal of what he was projecting on to HRC was reflecting his own inadequacies and failings.

Since he was so insistent on not letting his health record become public like all other candidates and his doctor seems keep dropping the word "dementia" into random conversations - we are left wondering what he is still hiding from us.

It is curious that back in Sept 2016 reports had emerged that suggested that statements he had made about STI being a "Personal Vietnam" and other odd patterns in his behavior were very similar to the symptoms associated with neuro syphilis. After he became president again the pattern was noted in an article in The New Republic. The article was discussed on various democratic forums and other information was found to be supportive of the basic notion. The entire discussion on the issue was mercilessly trolled by the RIS's cyber ops people, but still the core premise seemed to withstand a basic level of scrutiny.

If the idea that a President has neuro syphilis seems plausible, we must open ourselves to the possibility that an embattled President facing a conviction will attempt to use it. So we may be looking at a well planned insanity defense on his legal teams part. Kind of like what Vincent Gigante did but on a scale we have never quite seen this pulled effectively - that is if you believe that Reagan's Alzheimer's disease was real.

We stand on the threshold of an special prosecutor appointment. Any such attempt should be opposed by the RIS Cyber Army (its trolls, bots and cyborgs) and if it isn't - we all need to ask "why do the wolves not howl?".


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