Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Daily Donald 3/9/2017

Yesterday we saw more links emerge between the DJTC and various FSB associates.

1) Roger Stone appears to have been in contact with Guccifer 2.0. Guccifer was one of the entities involves in DC Leaks, a platform that released all manner of material inimical to HRC Campaign. Guccifer is suspected of bring an RIS/GRU front operation.

2) Paul Manafort was apparently investigated for his contacts with Konstantin Kilimnik. It seems that Kilimnik was instrumental in editing the GOP party foreign policy document to exclude arms aid to Ukraine.

A detailed timeline of key events is also available at this site. And Pro Publica has a list of people on DJT's "Landing Teams" - all sorts of conflicts of interest here.

As questions about the "Wire Tapping" allegation that DJT made swirl, we are treated to a series of discussions about how DJT made the tweets in the morning and then had misgivings about them by the time he was done with his morning golf game. He then went around asking if a private investigator could be hired to substantiate his claim. He may be on to something, I think the private investigators that Mr. Trump hired to look into Mr. Obama's birth certificate issue in Hawaii might be in the market for new employment.

One interesting line of questions is emerging around the exact nature of the FISC warrant the DOJ obtained on October 15th. The presence of FinCEN (US Treasury) on the investigation suggest that the target was a banking entity. In the public domain, there are two candidates for such a target - Alfa Bank and Bank of Cyprus. Both have been associated with all manner of financial involvement in RU flight capital. A dark horse candidate is Deutsche Bank but we don't know who the FISC warrant targeted yet.

On the TrumpCare front, we are seeing serious pushback from major conservative voting groups. As GOP tries to shove TrumpCare down America's collective throats, it seems like they don't care about the next election at all. Do they know something we all don't? Has the next election been cancelled? Is DJT going to be president for eternity? Is this the last congress/senate election in history? Is our nation so bankrupt that it doesn't matter whether we have Obamacare/TrumpCare we are not going to be able to pay for it?

Far as I understand the GOP, it seems to think of the election as a joke. It has successfully gerrymandered (thru redistricting and voter discrimination) a political enclave in the Midwest and it has a revolving door policy for lobbyists and government officials. Between these two supports, the legislators can basically sit around in their offices and smoke crack all day long and do no work. Come election a small fragment of the impoverished voters in their enclaves will come forward to vote them back into power. They don't have have a long term, because as long as their voters stay stupid (which they will for an eternity) there is no one else to vote for.

In the context of the above, it should come as no surprise that former NSA Micheal Flynn has registered as a lobbyist for Turkey after unofficially lobbying for them for a much longer time.

In somewhat positive news, I feel the Vault7 Wikileaks event marks the USICs first real victory in the battle against RIS cyber aggression. I had almost muted Wikileaks last week after their announced Vault7 but then I was persuaded by others to stay tuned. I am glad I listened because I got to see the cyber equivalent of the Battle of the Coral Sea. The RIS overplayed its hand when it attempted to use parts of the Vault7 release to blame the CIA for the DNC hack. This led the grand narrative put out by the RIS to snap in half and gave the USIC the "in" they were waiting for.  Well played USIC!! Go Team!!

Prior to this mistake the RIS narrative had been that the DNC hacks were unrelated to RU posture. But when they alleged that it was done by the CIA and that the CIA had outed itself in Vault7, the narrative broke. Why would the CIA hack the DNC, leak emails to Wikileaks, get Donald Trump election, get him praised in Putin controlled RU TV channels, and then leak its own tools to Wikileaks? Why would Wikileaks (ostensibly a CIA front) which heavily redacted Vault7, highlight the CIA Umbrage program which showed that the CIA appropriates RIS malware for deniable attacks?

This was a major strategic fail for RIS. They are not in a position of major vulnerability, as the USIC can now use Vault7 to launch aggressive investigations of RIS moles. And the RIS just lost its Wikileaks "Pocket Aircraft Carrier", its "Battleships" - Roger Stone Jr, Milo Y, Zerohedge, and a whole host of other support vessels on Twitter and Facebook. The USIC may be badly dented due to the loss of the CIAs offensive codes but RIS will not have to think several times over before launching another major cyber assault.

All in all - it was a good day for the USIC even if it didn't appear that way in the news.


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