Wednesday, March 01, 2017

That other thing we are kept from knowing

We have gotten used to being denied access to information. It is obvious when someone denies you information they are trying to hide something. That was always known, but it is only now that we know what was being hidden from view by not releasing tax returns.

It turns out that there was a very long and heavy engagement with RIS controlled conflict capital going back decades. And whatever this special relationship it came with electoral benefits and apparently was  ballasted by a promise to end sanctions on RU for their mess in Crimea. If we had read the tax returns we would have known everything up front.

Right now it looks like that RIS OP is completely blown and some kind of accountability mechanism has kicked in Moscow. That's why so many potential witnesses are being killed. It is the Chekist way - old fashioned but effective. It usually buys the leader a year or so before everything comes down.

I am sure an accountability exercise will kick in to gear in the House and Senate too and when that happens there will be a lot of Bill Caseys all of a sudden. Again that is the price of the bride, you get mixed up in this kind of thing, you have to pay the price eventually.

That said - let's all recall for a moment something else we have been denied access too - a health record.

All the others put out a great deal (even too much information in some cases) about their health but we were unworthy of seeing anything from you know who.

This brings me to an important point about narcissists.

Narcissists live on the adulation of their victims. Each word of praise from a victim is a source of life giving strength to them. However all with all living things, it must all come to an end. Everyone knows that - and that end is the biggest fear a narcissist has.

The fear that all the adulation must come to an end and there will be nothing after. Nothing for the ego to feed on after the end.

A narcissist facing the end becomes obsessed, driven by ravenous hunger he seeks the greatest number of victims possible. Regardless of how they are lured, the narcissist focuses on only one thing - going big - because he knows there is nothing after this.

A narcissist facing the end always becomes malignant.

I think this explains things that otherwise defy rational explanation.

It could be that I am trying to make sense of something that doesn't really make sense, but I feel once you factor in the narcissism issue correctly - the illogical suddenly has a beautiful thread that links it all together.


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check out

He hasn't posted in a while, but has a lot to say about Narcissism ans it manifestations

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