Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Yasenevo will likely go to clean up mode

Two things have come out in the last week.

1) A paper trail linking Rosneft's sale, QHG Holdings in the Caymans, Walker's Fiduciary Management, Intertrust, and the Blackstone group has for the first time directly linked President Trump with a 19% share in Rosneft. The Rosneft sales has already triggered questions on account of its mention in the Steele documents and the bizarre manner in which the Russian Central Bank has effectively transferred money to Rosneft prior to the deal. The general perception is that a stake in Rosneft was offered to President Trump as a baksheesh for removing sanctions on RU.

2) The resignation of LTG(r) Mike Flynn as NSA. There was documentary evidence of him communicating with the RU Amb in Washington DC. The exact contents of this call were apparently recorded by various intelligence agencies and former acting AG Sally Yates had warned the Trump White House about the national security risks these conversations posed. This brings up the tally of officials fired to three (Page, Manafort, Flynn).

Taken together - these two events have blown the lid of the largest known RIS operation in US history. Prior to this the only infiltration of this scale was that managed by KGBs scientific intelligence service of the Manhattan project. Most of those spies were arrested and put to death or sentenced to extremely long prison terms.

We do not know how big the RIS operation is. We do not know how many more penetrations there are in the USG. I never thought I would be drawn to the kind of thinking espoused by James Jesus Angleton or Peter Wright - but I guess that part of my mind was just dormant.

If you believe rumors, President Donald Trump himself is severely compromised by RIS. I don't know what to believe or disbelieve anymore. I am completely shocked by his conduct with during the North Korean missile launch crisis at the Mar-a-Lago. I feel people have been shot for far far less. Hillary was pilloried for hosting emails on a private server, I don't see how Donald Trump will get far by opening national security briefings in full view of dinner guests at his restaurant.

I didn't think high level security of the United States could be compromised this severely. I didn't actually believe that Donald Trump was skipping his PDBs until I saw that tweet about Nordstrom and his daughter's stupid clothing products was timed exactly in the middle of his PDB.  He was clearly not paying attention to anything being said in the PDB. I don't even know WTF he was doing with his stupid phone in the same room as the PDB. That phone is probably filled with compromised apps and having it in the same room as the PDB risks compromising the PDB itself. I am sorry but this behavior is fucking insane. 

I can understand putting up the shameless promotion of his daughter's company through his office but I can't understand how one can put up with this level of compromised security. I fear the NSCS will become defunct and mission critical national security processes will become orphaned. I already worry this misguided nonsense coming out people like Bannon and Miller has put several hundred deep cover operatives in violent groups at risk. These spies are the foundations of our national security and I am completely disgusted that their lives have been put at risk in this fashion.

It cannot continue like this.

From Yasenevo's perspective - it should be obvious that this operation is completely blown. The historical protocol has been to contain the mess. I imagine the process in Yasenevo to render the situation safe has already begun.

I don't know how they will do it - but they are going start cleaning up.

I wish to reiterate my original sentiment - "this is what life in Kabul probably felt like when Taraki took power!".


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