Monday, January 23, 2017

Punching Nazis in the face

Now this used to be our national past time before we got into this whole business of electing them into high office... but leaving aside the debate this has now generated, I want to bring to your attention some statistical facts which can be verified from neutral sources like the Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem etc....

If you add up the total number of people actually involved in the committing the Holocaust (i.e the specific SS units, the Wansee attendees, etc... etc...) you end up with a number that is a few tens of thousands of extraordinary assholes.

If you add up the total numbers of people with Nazi party affiliations during the 30s and 40s - you end up with numbers in the few millions and heck you even find young kids in there joining it as if it is some kind of Boy Scouts like organization. I guess these people were just idiots - normal assholes like you or me.

Even among the tiny gang of enormous puss-filled assholes were people like SS officer Kurt Gerstein who witnessed an actual gassing at Treblinka and then developed a sudden attack of conscience (seriously dude - what about Hitler's "Kill all Jews" message did you not fucking get earlier?")

So based on the above scientifically proven (non-Spicer-approved, non-alternative) facts - I am going to say that Nazism is 99.5% stupidity and 0.5% genocide.

I think it is best to remind the extremely stupid people in every society what comes from association with the genocidal insane.

To  that end if something as simple as a punch in the face of a prominent Nazi is useful then I see no reason to desist from it. I feel even Mahatma Gandhi would say the same thing. There is no debate, no negotiation, no communication with a homicidal sociopath that makes any sense whatsoever. They are going to kill you as soon as they can - you might as well defend yourself - you have nothing to lose. 

In order to morally sanctify the act - the person punching the Nazi in the face should surrender to the police so that they can face the law of the land.

Will this act stop Nazis from pursuing their aims? no - it will not. With the genocidal insane - there is no reasoning, no thought process that leads them away from the act of mass murder.

The only thing you can hope for is when history inevitably repeats itself - you will be remembered as one who resisted.

If nothing else - recall the precious few who revolted in Treblinka and fought their way out. Most died in the attempt but a handful lived and testified at the trial of Adolf Eichmann. In doing so they brought to light the horrors the Nazis had perpetrated on humanity.

You owe it to the people who died in places like Treblinka to do your bit to prevent that from happening again.

And p.s. - withdrawing medical insurance from people with pre-existing conditions is completely identical to the aims of Aktion T4. It is one stop away from pulling the plug on the mentally and physically handicapped. 


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