Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Now I am not saying this is actually happening but....

Some people say that if I am the one taking the biggest bribes and cutting all the illegal and unethical deals, I shouldn't let anyone else get in on the action so to speak because let's face it - those guys are going to do deals around me.

Heck if I let them do all the dirty deals they want - they could even make a deal to push me out of the seat of power! I mean seriously - if they can do all this shit themselves - why the f*ck would they need Me?

I couldn't possibly allow that - I am primus inter pares baby. There is only one Numero Uno, Number One, el Jefe de Jefes... and that is Me.

Laissez Faire ONLY applies to Me.

Only the things I do are legal - everything else is illegal unless I say it is not.

And don't you dare oppose Me, because Apres Moi... Le Deluge.. mon ami.

Again - no connection to anything that might be going on anywhere - just saying - that some people say - Look out for No. 1.


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