Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Can one define an alternate reality in which one only wins?

Short answer - Maybe...

You can always define an alternate reality - in which you are perpetually winning. Even if you are losing "bigly" and everyone else knows it - you can still pretend you are "winning".

A case in point - a candidate you voted for because you felt that he was going take down corruption is elected and he turns around and says "by the way - all that stuff I spoke about corruption removal" - "that played well in the election - that is not on anymore". You can still pretend he is somehow going to remove corruption and that he is just saying that so that he can fool all those corrupt people into a false sense of complacency. That way you are still "winning" - even though everyone else can see you are being robbed blind.

Another case in point - a candidate you voted for because he said he would bring jobs back is elected and when he has a chance to do some tough negotiation, he offers a company a bribe to make a show of having brought back jobs. The union organizer who was handling the details of the negotiations says your candidate "Lied his ass off" and gave money to the company so that they can get rid of even more jobs in the coming year - you can still go on pretending that you are "winning bigly" and that all those liberal idiots didn't know when to take him seriously because he was obviously using the promise of getting jobs back as a "euphenism".

Still another case in point - a candidate you voted for because he said he would pay for his own election out of pocket and so he wouldn't be in bed with the big players of wall street goes on to be elected and then he turns around and hands out all the plum postings to his Wall Street and corporate big bank big wigs. You can still pretend to be "Yuuugely winning" because he has picked the "best people", the "biggest experts" - even though everyone else with a degree in economics wouldn't touch such people with a sterilized barge pole. Since when did what those economists matter to you anyway? "Leave out those economists" - "use common sense" - I am "winning" - you say.

Yet another case in point - a candidate you voted for because he was less corrupt than the alternative gets elected and now starts bringing his unelected family into every government transaction. He doesn't put his business into a blind trust and he doesn't even go through the fig leaf of pretending that there isn't a conflict of interest. He simply says he is President and cannot have a conflict of interest. And then his company starts shaking down foreign governments to invest in his hotel chain and pay for his branding.  You smile on the outside - for a few days you tell yourself "it would have been the same if the other person was elected" - but as his corporation continues to outsource jobs to foreign markets - you begin to wonder and run out of any way of saying this is actually winning, so you go back to pretending that you are "winning" - this time around you trot out no explanation to either yourself or to the "liberal retards" you hate because apart from "winning" you know you have nothing. You shout and scream on top your voice - "You damn Mexicans - can your see I am winning!!".

With each iteration of "winning" you have to double down and that leaves your reserve exhausted.
As the reserve exhausts you have no strength left to fight when the candidate you elected takes your social security, medicare and medicaid and hands it over to his Wall Street friends. Big deal you say -  "I'm winning" because the taxes are now expected to go down. They do go down for your candidate's friends on Wall Street but on Main Street - it is a different story - "I'm winning and those liberal retards are not!!" you tell yourself.

Since you have no energy to fight anything anymore, your candidate now goes on to miss "a few bond interest payments" and the global economy crashes. Your retirement funds and social security and medicare and medicaid funds freeze up as they are the biggest investors in the bond markets and they are owed the lion's share of the "missed bond payments".  You can't make your mortgage or your rent. Your taxes actually go up and you tell yourself "I'm winning" - I don't have to pay any mortgage or rent now - screw this ridiculous lifestyle with all its trappings and big bank inspired consumerism and you decide to go the way of your ancestors who colonized this great land with little more than a musket and some pemmican.

You grab your bug-out bag and head for the hills in the hope of eking out a living in the wild in your ancestors footsteps - but actually your real ancestors never actually colonized the country - they came in the fifth wave of immigrants and although most knew what they were doing living off the land - a very small fraction of them actually survived - the elements were brutal and without health care too many died to count. But you tell yourself "I'm winning" - after all you are in the wild - those liberal retards couldn't possibly do this kind of stuff.

After freezing your ass off for days on end - you catch a bus to your candidate's house and ask him for help. You figure he's a nice guy after all - and I voted for him so that has to count for something. But when you get to his door - his private security guards shoot you dead - because in their eyes you are a "loser" who is begging on his street.

As you slowly bleed to death on the steps outside his towering building... you realize - Heck! I have just won a non-refundable-all-expenses-paid-one-way-ticket to the next world!!

Yay - you're "winning" again!!!


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