Thursday, December 22, 2016

What are the Democrats up to?

It is a common refrain among Trump voters these days - "the Democrats are irrelevant".

I agree that is what you might want to see but is that really true? and more to the point what are the Democrats doing lately?

If you follow the usual liberal talk shows you see a pattern -

1) the shows that supported Bernie Sanders continually push the line that the reason the Democratic Party lost these elections is Hillary Clinton. She is simply "too disliked" by "too many people" and "if only" people had listened to the Bernie supporters - the election would have been in the bag.

2) the shows that favor the Democratic establishment push the opposite idea - that Bernie supporters were too flaky to begin with and when Bernie lost the democratic primaries, they simply didn't turn up to vote or simply switched their votes to Trump as a way of getting back at Hillary.

This visible dissonance aside - both factions are united in their opposition to Trump and his cast of anti-liberals.

To understand what the Democrats are really doing - (as opposed to what the Trump supporters would like to believe that they are doing) - one has to look at the election of 2016 very carefully.

Since the Donald Trump campaign has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that brazenly lying to peoples' faces and openly gas-lighting is very rewarding - large sections of the Democratic party's underground have taken to spouting the same kind of stuff that Donald Trump himself spouted about President Obama. An every widening front against Donald Trump legitimacy is being mounted via democratic proxies and it is just as likely to succeed as Donald Trump's own campaign on Pres. Obama's birth certificate issue.

The result is a widening polarization and since all scientific surveys now prove that people are inclined to believe fake news especially if it contains apocalyptic visions of the future - the Democrats are now positioning themselves to cash in on this trend.

Once viewed through this lens, a lot of stuff starts to add up.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is over - there is no reason for that organization to even exist and yet it does. It exists purely because it is a psychological bulwark and from behind this bulwark the Democratic party can launch attacks on the Donald Trump campaign while leaving room for its legislative units (did you see the bit about Sen, Schumer welcoming President Trump refreshing new ideas?) . This is a variation of the old two step.

Most independent observers noted that asking for recounts in states like WI, MI, PA was unlikely to change the election outcome. And yet the Democratic Party via the Clinton Campaign chose to challenge these results. A similar attempt was also made to lure electoral college voters away from Donald Trump. The price of the bride of course was providing visible accommodation to Bernie Sanders supporters. It was clear that strategy would never win, but the net effect of the move was to remind President Donald Trump - that he was only as secure as the Republican party would let him be.

Most people would take that last part as a "uh - Duh - of course he knows that!" - but think about. Does Donald Trump really know that every second he remains President is entirely due to the Republican party and that he must toe the party line every instant of his physical existence? does he realize that party bosses like Reinhold Preibus and Paul Ryan call all the shots and he is merely a figurehead allowed to loot the country while the anti-liberal agenda makes visible headway?  Do you think he knows that he has to distance himself from the "drain the swamp", "lock her up", "bring the jobs back", "build the wall" etc... rhetoric that got him the votes?  and that he is expected to martyr his political legacy on the altar of the anti-liberal manifesto for the United States?

A sane person would find such thoughts debilitating. We all know how big "the Donald's" ego is - would it withstand contact with something that corrosive for any length of time?

I think the answer to that is a resounding "NO". My personal guess is that President Trump does not like to be reminded of the fact that despite all appearances he is entirely at the mercy of the Republican Party bosses at this time. I suspect he likes to think that he is still a free agent with a massive public support base and a vanguard composed of Brietbart following diehard fans. He probably actually believes that he will be able to live in Trump Tower for the most part and then occasionally fly to the White House and put in a few hours of work - you know just like he does with his charity.

Now that I have come out and said that - you can see where the weakest point of this entire political situation is.

The Trump political machine's relationship with the Republican Party is a sheet of some very thin ice. If either Donald Trump or the GOP bosses get it into their heads that this relationship is not viable - it will shatter in a spectacular and "unpresidented" way and that is no "euphenism" - I really mean that - there is no such thing as a political prenup.

Any physicists among you probably realize where I am going with this. The Trump-GOP relationship represents the critical portion of the current set of political equations. It is the one to watch if any predictive power is to be retained at this time. Like any system perched perilously close to a major phase transition, the system will experience periodic oscillations across the point of collapse. When these oscillations appear to grow in amplitude in a short time - the likelihood of a runaway effect kicking in are extremely high. That is where the phase shift will present first.


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