Monday, January 09, 2017

Why are conservatives such hypocrites?

A common theme among conservatives is to make a huge fuss about something when a "liberal" does it and then blithely acquiesce to something ten times worse when a fellow conservative does it. There is an element of self-contradiction or lack of consistency which all conservatives adhere to regardless of which country or decade they are in.

Why is that?

The answer IMHO is simple.

"Conservativism" is a losing position. Change is the only constant in the world. Every conservative knows that no matter how much they invest in opposing it - change will happen and their world view rendered irrelevant.

If we were to take a time machine back thousands of years, we would see conservative Cro Magnons opposing the use of stone tools. The same community would later oppose the use of copper or bronze or iron tools instead of stone tools. And that cycle would continue.

Conservatives are always behind the times. And they know it.

As they know they will only be defeated - their only joy or reward comes from trolling their liberal opponents.

Every liberal offended or irritated is a victory for the conservative cause. The specific viewpoint is irrelevant as all conservative views are eventually consigned to the dustbin of history - the only thing that matters is *how many liberals did that view piss off?* - the more the merrier.

After an entire election cycle where conservatives only talked about accountability, criminal behavior, draining the swamp etc... etc... we will watch this week as the very same conservatives fall over backwards to put people with no OGE review and no proper vetting by Congress or Senate. They will put these people in positions of power despite ample evidence that these individuals lack qualifications and suffer from staggering conflicts of interest.

Many point out that these conservatives do not seem to understand if they do this kind of thing - they will get screwed. This people they put in power will take away their health care and social security or just rob them blind. This is incorrect.

The conservatives know that what they are doing will get them screwed, but they are okay with it.

Liberals feel agitated - "these fools don't realize what they are doing!"

No - mon ami - they understand and realize everything. They actually want to be screwed really badly.

They want to see their own social security and medicaid/medicare cut. They want to see their O'care nullified. They want to see their farms go bankrupt and they want to see their nation's defense collapse.

Why would anyone want that?

Because those ideas - a better quality of life, a secure nation, a robust economy etc... are indistinguishable form other conservative ideals - and so the conservative assumption is that these ideas too will eventually end up in the dustbin of history.

That is why they will never repent voting for a candidate like this.

They will always place their personal sense of satisfaction from trashing a liberal p.o.v over and above everything else including their/their family/their nation's well being.

That dear friends is the conservative way.  And it has no correlation with how much meth/heroin/cocaine one consumes.


At 4:06 AM, Blogger Wise_Ass said...

Huge holes in the arguments.

1)Trump support base is not "conservative"dynamiting the established order is not conservatism.It is revolutionary.In the extreme end of the spectrum of Trump supporters,there are of course&quite understandably racists,menists&white nationalists along with smattering of conservatives.

2)So it is a paradigm shift.Of course,Trump base knows Trump is an asshole&meme king and love him for that.They dont agree with old paradigm that POTUS should be a ideational figure with sparkling goosebumpy eloquence but in the end fuck them over.

3)Hypocrisy is a normal thing for human being.As Salman Rushidie says we are a cloud of contradictions rather than one thing or other.Not to mention our Jungian shadow aspects.
Are Trump supporters most hypocritical in the room.Objectively dont think so.
For example: Democrats calls Trump supporters racists but openly supports black supremacists like BLM and Islamist lobby flunkies Keith Ellison.
Democrats dont even discuss more dangerous OPM hacks by China not to mention vacuuming up all military secrets.Every month or so..a Chinese-American is grabbed by FBI or so.
Not Hillary's access to SAP-emails.SAP emails just dont casually end up being in your supposedly needs a hands-on air-gapped work station to access details.Only explaination is some pre-positioned Democrat mole is inside NSA routing interesting SAP-materials to Clinton donors.

4)Let's not pretend that,the full body reaction to Trump is because of policy details like nuking Obamacare or Russia hacking.It is more visceral.Liberal order and nice people feels exposed and flabbergasted that masses no longer trusts a word they say.Trump is just the messenger not the message.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger maverick said...

I think you are missing the point of the post.

Liberals need to understand that after the election the Trump supporter and the "conservative" are both irrelevant. Expending resources on trying to win over "conservatives" or Trump supporters are essentially wasted. These people are inconsistent and will come over for a few minutes before going back to their old ways.

As things stand Trump supporters will continue to endorse Trump regardless of what he does and even if they don't endorse his behavior - that won't stop him from doing those things. The same applies to "conservatives" of the Mitch McConnell variety - these people are no longer relevant to anything Liberals care about.

*If* we have an election again. these "conservatives" and Trump supporters can be counted on to vote for Trump or some other KGB plant - regardless of how bad their previous choices may have been for each of them personally.

The reason this will happen is because these people will believe feverishly that they have nothing to lose by voting this way. With each iteration they do this - they will get progressively poorer and even less to lose. This is self-reinforcing behavior. By using words like "revolutionary" they will be able to mask the stupidity and self-destructive nature of their actions and that will prevent any kind of real introspection.

I hope we have elections again but I don't know if that will happen. You see historically the general rules is that whenever you let the Chekists/KGB in so close to the positions of power - you generally stop having elections - c.f Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia , etc.. Invite them in once - and they *NEVER* leave. Ask the East Germans if you doubt me.

As things stand some people that are "conservatives" or Trump supporters are realizing how vicious this really is - so they are trying to get out of it. They are tweeting, humming, singing etc.. their concerns. The liberal tendency is to real out and help these people.

I am saying there is no point in doing that. Let them suffer the consequences of their actions. Let them lose their health coverage, their social security etc... because they aren't going to thank you for saving their benefits.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger maverick said...

I hope you can appreciate the impact of what I am saying.

I am saying at this point that a massive market crash, followed by a debilitating depression is extremely likely. The liberals who constitute a numerical majority in the country have nothing to gain by preventing it.

As things stand the Russians backing the Trump campaign are keen to make a fast buck off the US markets. They will pillage and raid the system in the hope of making up for decades of lost growth.

If the Liberals stand in the way of that - they will end up being targeted by "conservatives" and Trump supporters alike.

If the Liberals step aside - the "conservatives" and the Trump supporters will feud with each other and both groups will end up literally in the cross hairs of the KGB/Chekists. Since the Chekists only know how to do one thing - one can expect the usual string of wet works. Various national emergencies will be started to cover these fractures and the associated brutality from public view.

The Liberals will gain nothing from getting in the middle of that. It is just best to let that happen.

So far the election has proceeded exactly as the Liberal models have predicted. HRC won the popular vote and even Donald Trump knows that. It was disappointing to see HRC lose the electoral vote but everyone knew that was a possibility. Most liberals knew that even if HRC won the electoral vote - a civil war like state would exist and they would end up being targeted by the "conservatives" and the Trump supporters. Now that HRC has lost - it is likely that once the euphoria has subsided and reality kicks in - Trump supporters, "conservatives", and Chekists will not be happily married to each other.

The thing that most Liberals need to grasp now is that there may not be another election. It is best to adjust one's expectations accordingly.


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