Monday, February 27, 2017

The score so far in the American Cricket Match

DJT now finds that his entire survival rests on a few key GOP persons who are holding back a tide of investigations into his personal finances and Russian links therein. Once these investigations start it will be difficult for him to claim that his election was not the result of Russian interference. As that claim gains currency, an impeachment will be inevitable.

The GOP for its part is trying to determine if association with DJT is a positive outcome for the 2018 election or not. GOP control over gerrymandering and voter suppression laws has delayed the demographic collapse predicted by liberal pundits. That being said if GOP is simultaneously saddled with the toxicity of DJTs ties to RU and the hit job the insurance lobby wants them to do on Obamacare/ACA - they will not be able to secure re-election.

The situation is in an exceedingly fragile state. If any of the Republicans leading key committees are compromised by Democratic Party political operations or by dirty tricks from withing the GOP itself, the entire DJT presidency could end in flash.

DJT realizes this and has resorted to his AI draw Word Room based speeches. His speeches have nothing to do with policy as there is no policy underpinning to what words go in. He seems to be merely stitching together word clouds the AIs operated by Cambridge Analytica are mining out of the accounts of his own "followers". The aim of these speeches is to drum up support among his followers, the GOP is very afraid these people will gun them down if they don't do what is best for DJT's interests.

I say "followers" in quotes because neither he nor Cambridge Analytica know how many of those data points are genuine and not the result of provocation operations by RIS or other forces. At this point if the Democratic Party could infiltrate his word clouds and plant things in those clouds (a relatively easy thing to do given how these are prepared). The load of filtering it would be onerous, and that would make it much harder for DJT to drum up support for his positions. If for example the word "betrayal" were brought into the word cloud, it could resonate with several sentiments in this "base" - they would be reminded both of HRC's alleged betrayal and of the manner in which DJT himself has betrayed their sentiments by moving forward with ACA/O'care repeal.

This reliance on AI's to tell you what to do to is the weakest link in the entire DJT machine. It is at once brilliant and at once fantastically risky. If the AI shits the bed (which it often does in practice) - the consequences would be severe for DJT at this time.

Once the pressure on DJTs relationship with RU ratchets up, he will be left with no choice but to crash the market and cause enough bedlam to draw attention away from himself. I think it is likely that given how much pressure he is under, he will flake out on all promises made especially to other vested folks like HAF, AIPAC, etc...

As regards true believers like Micheal Cohen, dude - you're role in this is completely exposed. If RIS can takeout high ranking ambassadors they can wipe a few low level operators like you anytime. Seriously boss, up your security otherwise I really fear for your life. You may have done terrible things but you are also a valuable witness to the most unbelievable criminal escapade in human history. I hope you can be brought before a court to give evidence against the masterminds.


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Wise_Ass said...

Problem with Trump's influence&conduct is all AI..the dreaded Cambridge analytica is..Trump has been saying the same thing since 90s..and almost repeated the same thing in 2011 CPAC speech He got into AI thing from Robert Mercer only after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race.

"While the Clinton campaign's reliance on analytics became well known, the particulars of Ada's work were kept under tight wraps, according to aides. The algorithm operated on a separate computer server than the rest of the Clinton operation as a security precaution, and only a few senior aides were able to access it.

According to aides, a raft of polling numbers, public and private, were fed into the algorithm, as well as ground-level voter data meticulously collected by the campaign. Once early voting began, those numbers were factored in, too.

What Ada did, based on all that data, aides said, was run 400,000 simulations a day of what the race against Trump might look like. A report that was spit out would give campaign manager Robby Mook and others a detailed picture of which battleground states were most likely to tip the race in one direction or another — and guide decisions about where to spend time and deploy resources.

The use of analytics by campaigns was hardly unprecedented. But Clinton aides were convinced their work, which was far more sophisticated than anything employed by President Obama or GOP nominee Mitt Romney in 2012, gave them a big strategic advantage over Trump."

(Remember all top Google,Facebook people were butt-buddies with Hillary as we can see from Podesta email leak.Facebook even admitted they were filtering out conservative news items from "trending" feeds.This was noticed in google searches too.Not to mention still on going vicious one-sided troll hunt on twitter focused on conservatives all over the world...Still Trump won..)

This is basically an optic blindspot.Lefties have no problem in believing ideological purity of Sillcon Valley billionaires&millionaires,hollywood celebrities..who are on THEIR side..and at times staunchly socialists&self-hating brahmin social justice warriors like Narayan Murthies..but unable to fathom right-wing rich ideologues "who are not out to con" variety.

Regarding "Russian influence operations" which are atmost hacking DNC&exposing DNC fraud,making twitter handles&running conspiracy blogs..I dont know how Trump can be impeached for this ..unless there is large scale vote counting software tampering tracing back to Russia/or exposing quid pro quo backdoor deals with Russia from Trump team etc.There is none of this so far even in Fynn fiasco and news outlets that got transcripts are explicit on lack of finding any wrong doings

At 10:46 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Dear Wise_Ass,

HRC modeled the election based on polling data and prior elections. Everyone does that.

HRC campaign did not use social media based surveillance to target people with subliminal marketing aimed at changing their opinions about DJT.

HRC did not mine peoples' social media accounts to identify weaknesses and then tweak their ads on a page by page basis.

This is what CA is saying it did. That's completely out of scale with anything from past elections. Read the details of what people at CA are actually saying. Not what is being said by Trumpers on Reddit about the article.

It is an innovation to use this kind of technical approach, but then so was the gas chamber in Treblinka. No one had used a gas chamber like that before.

What makes the DJT + CA marriage dangerous is that an AI based opinion modification and mass marketing tool is being used to push a social divisive agenda and a candidate who has no interest in anything but lining his own pocket. As a result of this AI brainwashing people have voted a madman to power who will destroy everything they value.

There is no policy position beyond whatever he word cloud he is currently looking at. No policy papers are presented to the staff, everything is tweeted first and then discussed at length in the media. It is completely absurd - no governance can proceed like this.

DJT was not saying the same things, the little substance there was in his positions is now quite altered. He was talking about "draining the swamping", now he is talking about swamping the drain!

The only thing DJT is doing consistently is a whiney articulation of polarization based strategies to benefit himself. He is the absolutely champion of the bait and switch, a master of the fine whine! I'll give him that.

The role of Robert Mercer has been documented extensively. The shift from Cruz to DJT just brought more data processing power to the DJT camp. Without Mercer and CA, Trump's polarization strategy would have made limited impact outside his hyper narrow conservative extremist base.

All his cabinet appointments are in ethics trouble, either with pay-2-play, foreign deals, lying under oath, or just plain cheating. This is a RICO scheme - a government entirely for the conmen, of the conmen and by the conmen.

The impeachment can take place without direct reference to the exact fraud perpetrated by DJT in the election. He has so many commercial points of vulnerability that he can be targeted on any number of "emoluments" clauses. He has a long history of violating tax codes and an equally long list of Logan act violations. Now his people are interfering with the FBI and then there is the whole issue of his relationship with Putin. It is fertile ground here, all it will take is one major GOP personality on one of those committees to fall.

The biggest source of vulnerability is within the GOP itself - that is a pool filled with aligators and sharks. Should a democratic party strike make any particular GOP leader vulnerable (oh like Chaffetz for example) - then a hand within the GOP will reach out and push him out. Trump may be able to protect himself from the GOP, but can Chaffetz/McConnell/Ryan do the same? I doubt it. It is a matter of time before one of the critical GOPers falls in the public eye. At which point his own party people will feed on him.

As the possibility of this comes closer, DJT's behavior will become more erratic. He will start missing meetings, delaying critical decisions, making incoherent public statements. Those are the flags to look for.

Once this gets rolling the only thing that will keep him out of jail is a mental incapacity defense.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Wise_Ass said...

sorry boss all the fascistic stuff like sublimal advertizing i see on Clinton News Network..
and no.I dont hang around in reddit /pol or /politicaldiscussion type thingies.

Check the embedded video&screengrab where CNN tried to instigate unstable people to
assassinate playing out of context Regan assassination attempt video on loop while Talking About President-Elect Donald Trump..

One daily..newyorkdaily news or something posted 19 names in Trump admin who needed to be assassinated to completely take out Trump admin.

Sending white powder(hint anthrax threat) to his nominee's wife..

"Puzder, who withdrew his nomination on the eve of his Senate hearing, told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday morning that he and his wife were subjected to serious threats after President Trump tapped him to lead the Department of Labor in December.

Puzder said he received packages and letters that went beyond typical hate mail or opposition post cards distributed by left-wing groups and unions. A hazmat crew and FBI officials arrived at his Franklin, Tennessee home to retrieve and analyze a package containing white powder that his wife had opened, he said."

Now mass desecration of Jewish graves is going on..It will be interesting to know who is behind this.There is zero incentive for normal Trump supporters to do this since they already won.

The biggest threat I see US faces is combination of BlackLivesMatter+Nation of attempted Dalit+Muslim or Yadav+Muslim alliances in India to create a civil war scenario!And you guys are wrongly fixated on the non-existent white supremacist threat.

At 6:21 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Dear WiseAss,

DJT must really be under pressure if you are out here defending him so desperately.

>> non-existent white supremacist threat.

I think Messers Roof, Bissionette and Purinton would disagree with you. I know I know only certain people organize into murderous conspiracies etc... etc... and White Supremacists are "just not like that..."

>> Sending white powder(hint anthrax threat) to his nominee's wife..

In his next statement on that very same Hugh Hewitt Show Puzder says “I hung in there until I was told we might not have enough votes for me to go forward, and I didn’t want a tilted windmill,”. Puzder didn't back out of his nomination because of the "white powder threat" but because of the fact that no GOPer wanted to back him. Puzder was not aligned with the GOPs priorities.

I am sure Mr. Puzder's life is under great threat from Mr. Putin. Perhaps he has some images of this white powder envelope he could share with us? a photo of the envelope with the return address on it? How does he know it came from liberal activists? have three been any arrests of the same for this crime?

>> One daily..newyorkdaily news or something posted 19 names in Trump admin who needed to be assassinated to completely take out Trump admin.

Can you source this directly please? - because I have not seen this.

>> zerohedge, mediapeakprosperity etc...

Ah yes - sources who never have a single bad thing to say about DJT or Putin and only terrible things to say about his opponents. How credible indeed.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Wise_Ass said...

as I keep on repeating folks are taking eye off BlackLivesMatter terrorist group and lonewolves it is spawning.Brotherhood infiltration of BLM is the biggest threat facing US today.

At 5:02 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Thanks to President Trump's antics on Twitter during his PDB, people are taking their eyes of DPRK, ISIS and whole host of issues.

Why don't you Trumpers just go ahead call BLM something else you don't like? like ISIS? or Muslims-in-Disguise?

Does DJT has something planned with BLM today?

I ask because all DHS personnel have been asked to work from home today.


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