Friday, February 24, 2017

Attacks on Indians in the Trumpistan

There has been a recent incident that has made the news. It is all very tragic ofcourse but there are some lessons to be learned here.

Firstly the average Trumper can't tell the difference between an Indian and "Middle Eastern" people. I can't do that either. Ever since all those Lakhnawi Shias went and settled in Ctesiphon, quite frankly - we all look alike.

Secondly, Trumpers hate anyone who isn't their particular brand of crazy. A lot of that crazy is just about not looking like an "old white man". It is unfortunate but that is what they are fixated on.

A lot of Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Indian (so called "diversity") Trump supporters realized this at his campaign rallies last year. Despite their love of Trump - their fellow mono-ethnic compatriots largely seemed to fantasize about murdering their kind.

In the Kansas incident (which neither the WH nor DJT has chosen to tweet about) we are seeing a maturation of that fantasy. And against that backdrop I feel it is important to study the psychology of the attacker.

As so many sociologists in the US have indicated in repeated commentaries public and private, a large section of the US white male population feels disempowered. Having been brought up on a steady diet of violent and toxic masculinity - they are unable to find a legally acceptable outlet for what they have been programmed to do.

Most of the violence latent in this segment of society is applied to the women and children proximate to these people. A smaller fraction falls on ethnic minorities and LGBTQ.

The Trump campaign was able to court these sentiments of neutered masculinity and produce a politically favorable outcome. The result of this is that a new breed of racist lunatic has been born, a StormTrumper - who sees his actions as completely justified and totally supported by his country. The police might go through the motions of arresting him, but his fellow Trumpers on the jury will ensure he gets off.

Some Indians like Shalabh Kumar and the Hindu American organizations have been saying that if Indians in the US side with Trump and his anti-Muslim agendas, then they will be spared from attacks by Trumpers.

But the Kansas incident and others like it appear to indicate that the StormTrumpers are simply too high on racist thoughts to be able to tell the difference between Indians and others they profess to hate.

And why blame the ordinary StormTrumper on the street, he only gets his cues from DJT and Steve Bannon himself. And Steve Bannon has openly stated that he does not like the racial dilution occurring in Silicon Valley and that he feels too many CEOs there are Asiatics. And then there is AG Sessions, he has a long history of racist behavior.

So by collaborating with Donald Trump's anti Muslim agendas - are Hindu Americans merely delaying their inevitable cattle car ride?  Are they simply signing up for a Rumkowski@LodzGhetto type deal?

Perhaps the Pro Trump factions of the Hindus Uber Allez crowd in the US can answer. Jay Kansara, do you have any answers? Shalabh Kumar anything?

And while we are on the subject - how can a leading member of a Hindu Nationalist Party associate with a brand that encourages the murder of Hindus? Any answers Lodha and Co?


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