Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Daily Donald 3/8/2017

This is a series of posts where I hope to record the astounding developments of the day. As things sink into lows I considered unimaginable, I hope this will serve as a chronicle of my journey through these troubling times.

While the President's accusations of "wire tapping", the IC's denials, and the subsequent release of Vault7 from Wikileaks continue to distract the TV pundits, news of the scandal exposed this week in Baku continues to spread in whispers. The inexplicable behavior of the DJT Corporation in Baku is growing in visibility and this is again opening the DJT Administration up to questions about violating US laws.

Of particular interest now are petitions filed by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump before the DHS/CBP which allege that Ivanka Trump violated the US Sanctions against Iran by shipping her clothing products from China to the US on a Iranian flagged vessel. Taken in conjunction with DJTs involvement with the Azeri Minister Mammadov and his links to Iran - this is starting to look real bad.

A natural question at this point is whether the DJTC was paid any money by the IRGC to denounce the US-Iran JCPOA? It is well known in most places that the IRGC was not happy with the JCPOA and felt that it diluted the IRGCs supremacy inside Iran. Was the Azeri infrastructure deal merely a way to pour money into the DJTC? Surely a matter to be investigated?

For a guy who can't wait to "Ban Muslims" and spouts so much blood libel against Islam, DJT seems to have a lot of Muslim business partners who pay him way more than he deserves in so many deals. He even has businesses in Saudi Arabia and Qatar where customers routinely overpay for stuff.  But somehow his supporters still believe that Hillary was the Saudi-Qatari backed candidate and Obama was the "founder of ISIS".  At some point a question is going to be asked by these people that he isn't going to like.

In terms of its promises, the DJT Admin is keen to see a quick repeal of Obamacare. The GOP has put together a package that is more suited to its own instincts but it worries that the plan will be seen as being too much of a tax cut on the rich. Somehow the prospect of an ill-thought out plan raising health care costs on the elderly and the poor doesn't bother them as much. This last part is odd considering that the older white folks are usually the GOPs vote bank. You would never shop your own supporters unless you felt you weren't going to ever face an election again. Does the GOP know something the rest of us don't?

In other news, it seem the NRA met with the Russians and then donated a $30M to the DJTC. The NRA meetings took place at the same time as the Jill Stein, Micheal Flynn and Vladimir Putin dinner. One wonders where this thread will lead.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ever since hearing your interview with Gary Brecher war nerd podcast I read your commentary every post. It frightens me what may happen when a narcissist such as DJT finds that he is eventually "cornered" with no way out. I appreciate you posting a daily Donald. We are certainly living in volatile times...

At 5:00 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Thank you, but I am only doing what I can remain sane here.

Yesterday I feel the USIC achieved its first real victory against the RIS. The RIS slipped up and overplayed its hand by using the WL Vault7 to blame the CIA for the DNC hack.

This is a costly mistake - one that cannot be undone. The RIS has now effectively handed the initiative over to the USIC. I believe we have just witnessed the modern equivalent of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The RIS was making great strides with it cyber arm and the USIC was on the back foot. While the release of Vault7 may seem like another hit on the USIC, but the exposure of the RIS deflection has blunted the core of the attack.

RIS is now at a strategic disadvantage. They have just handed USIC a direct path to victory.


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