Monday, August 14, 2017

Nazi astroturfing operation has failed.

The whole point behind Bannon and Co orchestrating the Nazi march in UVA was to create an illusion of massive public support for Trump. This became necessary as pressure on Trump grew from the Trump-Russia investigation and from his abysmal failure to keep nuclear escalation risks contained v/s North Korea. The Korean crisis with its direct implications for Bank of Japan - one of the biggest CBs investing in the US economy was really bad, we were seeing massive negative trends in the KOSPI and DJIA.

Faced with flagging poll numbers and a stock market that seemed to be sensitive to the details of the handling of the DPRK crisis, Trump had to launch some kind of micro-Reichstag fire that would make him seem indispensable. Otherwise the blame for this would fall directly on him.

The way it should have played out was that the Trump inspired Nazi march would invite a massive Antifa counter-protest. And the clashes between the groups would escalate to the point where the police would seem justified in using excessive force to go after the Antifa.

Things fell apart almost at the get go. The Antifa - Nazi clashes did not create quite the ruckus Bannon and Co wanted.

The Antifa for their part took a more muted approach focusing on aggressive internet exposure of Nazis rather than physical confrontation with armed Nazis.

In order to increase the tempo of the operation, the Nazis began attacking police for not being harsh enough with the Antifa.

This made it more difficult for the Police to justify attacks on the Antifa.

When the pressure built up inside the Nazi groups, they responded the only way they know - by murdering people. A Nazi drove his car into the counter-protesters and killed an unarmed woman. The Police are now trying their best to treat this like a innocent accident, when photo evidence from the scene of the crime is directly pointing towards premeditation.

The Nazis know they can't deflect from the murder charge so they have taken to vilifying the late Heather Heyer. The Stormer has come out with an article saying that she was was a "Childless, Fat, 32 Year Old Slut".

It is interesting to note that the Daily Stormer has dropped its "Blue Lives Matter" chant and suggested that the police officers who died in the VSP Helo crash on the same weekend deserved to die. This draws a visible line between the Nazis and the pro-police crowd. It also sets the stage for effectively labeling Police as "Race Traitors".

The Nazis are very keen to lay blame for this mess on the Police or someone else.

With the greater portion of the non-MSM coverage pointing towards RW aggression as the main driver, even parts of the GOP have escalated their war on the Nazis inside the WH.

The result of this utter fiasco is an major widening in the fissure inside the Trump Admin. The Ivanka/Jared/Bibi faction has broken ranks with the Oval Office and they are openly taking up a stance that defies the Nazis. This makes sense as their personal brand afford association with something so toxic.

The Bannon guys are digging their heels in. Their main argument (as espoused so eloquently by David Duke) is that "We did this for Trump". David Duke went so far as to say that Donald Trump should remember that "White People brought him into the WH". This IMHO is a very telling statement, it is at once a declaration of support for Donald Trump but also a subtle reminder to him that Duke and his Nazi kinsmen know where the bodies are buried.

The result of the Bannon willingness to dig his claws into Donald Trumps posterior is that Donald Trump cannot say a single word against him and with each passing day becomes ominously close to becoming described as a genocidal Nazi himself.

This massive fissure is cascading rapidly another CEO has left the WH businesses advisory council. Trump has criticized the CEO for leaving (and now its up to 4 CEOs out of the group) but it is another nail in the coffin of this administration.

Today - with attention turned away from the DPRK nuclear flashpoint - we are seeing stability return to the KOSPI and the DJIA. However if the impression that Donald Trump is some kind of closet genocidal freakshow gains too much ground both DJIA and KOSPI will resume falling again.

The Nazi astroturfing operation has failed miserably. It has created more problems for Trump than he could have imagined. He was barely able to keep above the water - this shit has straight up pushed him under. He can't blame this on anyone else - he is the boss - and this is on him.

The Nazis for their part are out of control. We can anticipate an upswing in attacks on minorities and police. This situation is very similar to the Punjab in 1983 after Op Bluestar. One should expect defections in the police and armed forces as closet Nazis break out.


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