Monday, October 23, 2017

Watch those Methane Emissions!

Methane is a major "Green House Gas". It is about 86 times worse in terms of ability to cause global warming.  Every ton of Methane we emit is like 86 tons of CO2 for two years and then it is like 1 ton of CO2 each year after that for a hundred years.

The temperature goes ~ 2 degrees per trillion metric tons of CO2. If we were emitting only Methane then it would take a few billion metric tons of Methane to get the same rise.

Atmospheric Methane comes from two sources -  man-made (agriculture, industrial) and natural (desequestered from gas hydrates).

Currently we are emitting about 9 billion metric tons of Methane from man-made sources and we emit about 36 billion metric tons of CO2.  We can control this by using biogas plants that burn the methane before releasing it.

Natural emissions comes from Methane molecules trapped in water and rock. In order to get out of those places, they have to "uncage" from those traps. This is an Arrhenius dynamics, the rate of escape rises exponentially with temperature. Once we trigger a temperature rise with other emissions , natural sources will start spitting out their Methane, and there will be no way to stop them. We CANNOT shut the natural sources OFF.

You may have seen photos like this one from Siberia [1]

Some sources estimate that there are 7000 such bubbles built up under Siberia right now. The number is somewhat academic as we do not know when they will burst or how much Methane they will release.

Once natural desequestration gets going, the attendant release of Methane will promptly raise the temperature and that in turn will cause more releases and so on. This latter process is called a runaway. Once the runaway gets going - there will be no way to stop the global temperature rise.

I fully understand the perspective of lay people - that the information about emission is very technical and hard to understand and full of numbers, but let me simplify this for you.

If you don't stop the man made emissions of Methane asap, you can kiss the human race good bye.

As the temperature rises, the rate of natural Methane release will increase to the point where the temperature will go up regardless of whatever your "feelings" about "Climate Change" are. Once the global temperature rises by 3-4 degrees, the attending ecological and economic shifts will decimate the population.

If you are worried about some reptilian controlled New World Order secret plotting the end of your race - look no further than the mirror - you are looking at the people who are intent on genocide.

I understand it is too hard to let go of your big truck with the word "Trump" painted on the back.

I understand you are too stupid to get off your ass, leave the big screen TV and go plant some trees.

But at least get behind aggressive biogas exploitation- it will create local jobs and help the farmers you all fantasize about being.


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