Monday, May 14, 2018

As Gen. Yair Golan said...

The greatest asset that Israel has in its national security calculation is the ability to be seen as the David in the story.

There is no doubt that a technologically superior and disciplined military force will prevail over disorganized civilian protesters, but if Israel is seen as the Goliath ... it will be a loss for Israel.

One might be tempted to think that "It's okay - no one gives a shit about dead Palestinians - People will come around to the Israeli POV", but when you combine what is happening today with the way in which Bibi's son amplified anti-Semitic remarks against George Soros, and the distasteful saga of Rafi Eitan's pro AfD utterances (yes I haven't forgotten that) - and you can see how people might come to see this picture

Source [1]
whenever they think of Israel.

That is NOT good. One cannot recover lost ground like that. The same Nazis of the AfD and Trumper RIS spectrum will turn this hatred of Israel into a wider hatred of Jews among the target populations and the main bulwark to a global re-emergence of Nazism i.e. public sympathy for Israel will not be available. 

Far more than anything buried underground at Dimona, the key thing that keeps Israel safe is the goodwill it earns with nations across the world. There is no sense in losing that goodwill in this way. 
One has to find a better way of carrying out the necessary security operations without causing such massive failures on a wider front. 

The Bibi government really has no excuse for this. They have known for over a year that the US embassy move was going to happen and that there would be massive opposition from the Palestinians. I do not understand why this entire saga had to be orchestrated - but leaving that aside for a moment, I wonder why the IDF was not prepared to handle this better. It is not like you didn't know this was going to happen. 

Tomorrow is a fresh day - lets hope that things are handled better (with NLWs and fewer casualties).*

I also recognize that the lion's share of the blame for this rests with Bibi and his guys, but once that goodwill towards Israel declines - everyone who matters will start talking like Gen. Yair Golan.

* Shooting below the waist doesn't work the way it is supposed to if there are cripples and kids in the crowd. The whole point of using snipers is to avoid this kind of thing. 


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