Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Trumpism" v/s "Trumptardism"

"Trumpism" is now seen as a legitimate form of American conservative philosophy. It is a way to capitalize on ethnic and economic resentment of unproductive men and weaponize it to achieve GOP electoral goals. It seems to be a perfectly valid way of thinking as far as I can tell. All politics relies on some form of duping people into supporting you, Trumpism is just a particularly brutal variant of that. While most electoral philosophies come with an embedded sense of accountability - Trumpism dispenses with it altogether. You cannot hold a "Trumpist" accountable - because you knew full well that everything they were saying was bullshit anyway - so the Trumpist always gets away. If you attempt to hold a Trumpist accountable - they gaslight you. If you try to use legal mechanisms to hold them accountable, they attack the law enforcement mechanisms.

"Trumptardism" is the flip side of the "Trumpism" coin. If Trumpism is act of duping someone, Trumptardism is perspective of the person being duped. Trumptardism compels you to embrace political toxic ideas without fully understanding or even grasping them. As a Trumptard you are expected to get caught up in the wave of the crowd around and cheer for your own extinction. And when you are presented with facts that contradict the narrative you have woven around the bullshit you have shoved down your own throat, you are expected to let your embarrassment guide a visceral and vituperative response that rejects the facts in favor of an emotionally comforting fantasy. The objective of the Trumptardism is to keep the target population docile - like cattle being taken to the slaughterhouse.

A lot of observers confuse "Trumpism" with "Trumptardism". The basic difference is that there are no adverse consequences to "Trumpism"  either for the Trumpist or the GOP - there is no accountability principle. And if one is externally imposed, the Trumpists will simply flee the jurisdiction while the Trumptards rip the country to shreds as law enforcement tries to chase the criminals across borders. For the Trumptard however - it is more like being the bull in a bull fight - regardless of how impressive the Matador does - the bull always dies in the end.

For the "Trumptard" there is no escape. This path only ends in doom. Unfortunately for the American experience, "Trumptardism" is the byproduct of a several decades long process of social polarization created by the GOP.  It is skin of evil left behind by ages of conservative opportunism in the social and economic sphere.  There is no cure for it. You might be able to shut it down to some extent but the negative social forces created by it will endure for far longer than any of us anticipate*.

* Think of it like this. After the Trumptards are exhausted, their political adversaries will strike back at them with equal and opposing force. The cycle of negativity will never be broken. And conservative political opportunists will always exist to exploit that negativity to gain prominence.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Ralphy said...

concerning britain......the russian targeting of its ex spy in britain resulted in no cost to putin the man who authorized the hit job.

so how to hurt putin?

go after his rich associates who own properties and portfolios in britain, that's how.

anything else is for shit show purposes only and kabuki theater.

accordingly, the federal reserve has placed brit banks on notice that they are going to have to make choices........keep your shit show and lose your license to operate in the us banking system ....or......boot the motherfuckers in the nuts and keep your position on the federal reserve hog trough. make a choice.......tired of their dicking around....

At 6:21 AM, Blogger maverick said...


Even if we accept the assertion that the life of the former agent was the property of the GRU, that does not excuse the use of a WMD on foreign soil. That is completely unacceptable in any context.

If the London Financial Sector wants to be more agreeable, then something can be done to accommodate their interests but this is not going to go away. No one is going to forget this.


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