Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bojinka II- A Pakistani Scam

Yet another conspiracy to cause terror in Britain has been uncovered. And as before the perpetrators are a group of Pakistani brits. Some of them may be people that the MI6 recuirted to fight in the "Bosnian Jihad". Do you recall that wonderful deal that so many had lauded, Javed Nasir was supposed to supply the arms from the Ohjri stock that supposedly "blew up in 1989" and the MI6 was supposed to recruit British Muslims to go fight with those weapons in Bosnia. Ofcourse Javed Nasir claimed in a court affidavit in Lahore recently that Bill Clinton had asked him supply arms to the Bosnians and so by induction he was I guess a very big friend of the Americans, but do we really believe Javed Nasir any more than we believe Clinton. Javed had also volunteered his services to FCNA Hassan and Musharraf himself. Javed wanted to raise a Jihadi army at Astor and Juglot from LeT/HuM ranks to carry out the Kargil operation, but Musharraf told him to sit this one out.

Anyway I digress, I was actually talking about the latest soda-water-bottle blasts that were supposed to go off on airplanes leaving LHR. Ofcourse I mean if you were a self respecting terrorist you would only target Heathrow, the most heavily guarded airport in Britian after.. well .. you know where. And some 20-25 british Pakistani men who were already on watch lists for a variety of other reasons suddenly getting up and jumping on an airplane headed to New York or Chicago from London is hardly going to cause any suspicion right?

And that rotten Pakistan Army which is doing such a bad job of containing terrorism in the North West frontier province manages to find just the right group of four or five people that has knowledge of this event. And mysteriously the NSA decrypts a communication which can be interpreted as a "go-order" and presto the five that the Pakistanis have in custody cough up the names of their accomplices and before long MI5 and the London Police a whole bunch of people from Pakistani dominated residential areas in Britian and the words "foiled plot" fill the airwaves.

Also now we have this latest warning of terrorist strikes against Americans in India. Courtesy of the US embassy. Pretty soon I am sure that atleast one of the Brits caught in the conspiracy to bomb airliners will start talking about Pakistan and Kashmir and how that is the root cause of all problems. Yet another attempt will begin on the US side to press gang India into America's war on terror.

Did Blair call up Musharraf and tell him to come up with this scam? or did Musharraf do it himself to prove his indispensibility?

Either ways I recomment reading B. Raman's peices on this latest natak. Nothing's better then a ring side seat.


At 10:49 PM, Blogger mukunda said...

hi maverick,
this is from your latest postings

""Yet another attempt will begin on the US side to press gang India into America's war on terror."""

You mean we too joining america's war on terror!!! American administration think we are too supine.American administration is clearly crossing the red lines of acceptable behaviour

At 11:17 PM, Blogger mukunda said...

hi maverick,
london is the terrorist capital of the world.Chechens,LTTE,Kashmiri,Khalistani
Palistinians guerillas all of them are there in London.London is the beehive of all terrorist activities in the world.


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