Monday, May 28, 2007

The Indispensible General Musharraf... ?

There seems to be a growing unease in the West with Pakistan's current leadership.

The number of anti-Musharraf editorials in the American inspired press are going up and the great Aziz miyan, economic miracle worker of Pakistan, is being targetted. Aziz miyan is Musharraf's link to the major money movers. If Aziz myan has to be axed, well then, General Musharraf has to go around and find a replacement. Finding a financier you can trust, that is a lot of work.

Utterances attributed to the British Ambassador in Islamabad are quite scandalous. If this is the mood in Britannia, well... that can't be too good for the indispensible Gen. Musharraf.

Gen. Musharraf is facing another problem, he is seen as President Bush's friend. Domestically this can have some benifits... but internationally this can be very bad, President Bush has few admirers and those that can't strike against Mr. Bush may choose to vent their bile against Gen. Musharraf. Certainly nailing General Musharraf to the wall is a way for some people to get back at President Bush.

As the Indians that count are now finding out that shaking hands with Bush means becoming the target of everyone who has a reason to dislike that name.

For the record, I would like say that "We" (i.e. me, my tapeworm - Maurice, and my friends) are apolitical people. We do not get drawn into the politics of personalities and are more directly concerned with national interests.

I find myself thanking Allah for blessing us unbelievers with great treasures... the treasures of a inward looking national philosophy, a tradition of tolerance, and above all else a constitutional sense of nationalism.


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