Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tackling the NPA.

The NPA will be much happier if India makes some promises to get this deal through and then breaks them at some later date. This will allow the NPA to go on with their ritual abuse of all things Indian for another eternity. By going down this path India will hand America the moral upper hand and the NPA will emerge as the uncontested moral leaders of the world. A possible gain in this is that the US will then be able to anything it pleases to its vast nuclear stockpile without the slightest scrutiny.

This desire for dominance is the root of the NPA moralising and after the July Agreement, the NPA feared a loss of status inside the US. So they have repeatedly attempted to discredit President Bush and his Adminstration publicly in an effort to bouy their own failing political stock in D.C.

Unfortunately the NPA have met their match in India. The political descendants of Mahatma Gandhi, innately grasp the nature of moral supremacy and everything it entails. They also know that the US seeks to whitewash its actions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by asserting the moral leadership of the world in the matter of nuclear weapons. The descendants of Homi Bhabha are all too aware of the fact that the entire US technological might is being used to leverage this outcome.

Gandhiji taught people that its okay to take blows and bullets if you have to, but there is no sense in conceding the moral upper hand.

The Indian Government will not acquiese to conceding the moral imperative. The NPA and their agitation over the India-US nuclear deal is unlikely to bring India any closer to the the US desire to pretend that Hiroshima and Nagasaki simply happened due to no fault on part of the US.

As long as the NPA continue to dominate the public stage, any meaningful progess on the India-US nuclear deal will remain absent.


At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi m
there was a prayer by st.paul(or someone) .It went like this
""Let me accept the events with courage that i cannot change,let me face with with courage that I can(change), let me realise the difference between the two."
The NPA are unable to understand that they cannot force India into accepting the NPT.They cannot realise the difference between the rest of the world including Japan and India


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