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The excellence of General Mirza Aslam Beg

True masterpieces are rarely reproduced by humble unbelievers like oneself. To see greatness in its purest form, you have to seek out a true master...

The greatest general of Pakistan's mighty army speaks such great wisdom.

This simply has to be reproduced as is...

"US and India signed the Strategic Partnership Deal in 2003, with the declared objectives, “to contain and curb the rising military and economic power of China and the increasing threat of Islamic extremism in the region.” "

What deal would that be? but never mind such technicalities...

"We have enough information to identify this intelligence network inside Afghanistan, fairly accurately, to determine the dimensions of this Great Game, of the civilised world. The nerve centre is at Jabal-us-Seraj, manned and operated by CIA, Raw, Mosad, MI-6 and BND (German intelligence). It’s a huge set-up with concrete buildings, antennas and all the modern electronic gadgetry one can conceive of. Its out-posts are Sarobi and Kandahar against Pakistan. Faizabad, against China; Mazar-e-Sharif, against Russia and Central Asian States and Herat against Iran, as indicated in the map."

Dear Sir, when was the last time you looked at a map?

• Sarobi is the nerve centre headed by an Indian General officer, who also commands the Border Road Organisation (BRO). Its forward bases are, Ghazni, Khowst, Gardeyz, Jalalabad, Asadabad, Wakhan and Faizabad. BRO has built an all weather road from Sarobi to Asadabad to Faizabad. Sarobi network, targets the province of NWFP, Pakistan. Dissidents from Pakistan, are trained at Sarobi for missions inside NWFP. Wakhan salient has been infested with dozens of electronic outposts, covering Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Okay, I think he just named all the major Border Roads Organisation offices in Afghanistan. Ofcourse if General Beg's uncle's third brother had got the contract for building the roads instead of BRO, then maybe these camps would not have figured on this list.

Ofcourse what a BRO civil engineer can do to operate a high-tech signals intelligence post, I don't know... but I take it someone actually read the fine print in Gen. V. K. Singh's book or perhaps there is some residual here from the earlier book by another Signal Officer in Chief that was published in late 80s.

• Kandahar has its forward bases at Lashkargah and Nawah. Their target area is the province of Balochistan. The dissidents from Balochistan are trained at Lashkargah for undertaking missions in Balochistan as well as in support of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). One of their tasks is to target Chinese working in the province, particularly at Gwadar, Sandak and Hab. The American anchorages, on the Pakistani coast at Jiwani and Kalamat, jointly plan operations with BLA inside Balochistan. They also use the Pakistani out-posts at Mand, for operations inside Iran. The American warships in the Arabian Sea and their intelligence base in Muscat, provide the back-up support. The facilities at Jiwani and Kalamat were provided by Pakistan, as logistic support bases to the Americans for operation in Afghanistan, but the same are now being used, to destabilise Balochistan and Iran.

Okay wait now... if "they" use lashkargah to train the Baloch militants, why does the Pakistan Army let "them" use "Pakistani out-posts in Mand" and "American anchorages at Jiwani and Kalamat" to conduct operations against Iran?

Against China. The set-up at Faizabad (Badakhshan) holds over 350xpersonnel mainly Muslim soldiers, engineers and workers from India. It serves as the training camp for the Chinese dissidents from the Xinjiang province. Indian Ulemas impart motivational education, giving the impression that the entire out-fit at Faizabad was run by Pakistanis.

Wow.. this is beyond my league to comment on.. Indians posing as Pakistanis to foment trouble in China's muslims. BTW... why doesn't Pakistan show its customary zeal in helping its fellow muslims in Xinjiang? Is Pakistan afraid of China? I thought the nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Pakistan was not afraid of anyone. I mean if it has the big bomb, what does it have to be afraid of? Why does Pakistan keep advising Chinese muslims to be "good chinese" before they are "good muslims"?

It seems that if Pakistan were to act against China to appease .. oh say the Americans... then it would want to do so deniably... but who on earth is going to believe that these are Indian Ulema posing as Pakistani Ulema? would the Chinese really be that dumb to buy into that? Given that Pakistan relies on Chinese missile and nuclear imports for its security, Gen. Beg seems to have a curiously low opinion of Chinese intellect.

The recently acquired facility for military deployment by India, across the border in Tajikistan at Kalai Kumli, adds a meaningful capability to India to operate inside Tajikistan, as well as Uzbekistan.

Kalai-Khumb (not Kalai Kumli) is a Russian dominated area, not Indian, we are guests of Russia in Tajikistan and its outlying areas. Unless now you are suggesting that India and Russia are not collaborating against Russia... which would defy even Pakistani imagination... I fail to see how this is against Russia or Iran or China.

Against Russia. The intelligence base at Mazar-e-Sharif is run jointly by CIA, RAW, Mossad and BND. Chechnyan dissidents and agents from Turkmenistan are trained for operations in these countries. Rasheed Dostam and Ahmad Zia Masood are very active supporters of such activities in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Against Iran. The forward base at Herat and Farah are manned by CIA, RAW and Mossad for subversive activities inside Iran. Jointly operating from these bases and the bases inside Pakistan, such as Kalamat, Jiwani and Mand, they have been able to undertake actions inside Iran, killing a number of security forces personnel in the last few years. The terrorist organisation named Jandullah has been used for conduct of such operations inside Iran.

I think the word RAW can safely be replaced by ISI in this above sentence and then it starts to make total sense.

Pakistan and Iran are being blamed for supporting terrorists in Afghanistan, whereas Afghan territory is being violated so blatantly to destabilise the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, by nations, who claim to be the flag bearers of the ideals of international norms of justice and fairplay. This is the worst kind of ‘Terrorism Through Consensus’, by the so-called civilised nations, in occupation of Afghanistan. The brutal violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty for the shameful purpose of destabilisation of Pakistan and the regional countries, is condemnable.

I think President Musharraf just publicly admitted that Pakistan's action (or if you prefer the American term - inaction) in the FATA is the cause for terrorism in Afghanistan. It appears that at least General Musharraf has realised the error of pretending that Pakistan is not responsible for terrorism in Afghanistan.

I fear Gen. Beg is behind the times...

Was this the purpose of the strategic partnership deal between India, United States and NATO”?

Oh for the last time there is no strategic partnership deal between India, US and NATO.

The only one with any ties to either the US or NATO is - Pakistan - the Major Non-NATO Ally of the US.

My argument is based on the research and study, which may not be as accurate as the information held by the government of Pakistan. Yet it is surprising that after so much of suffering at the hands of foreign saboteurs, the government of Pakistan has woken-up now, to say that “foreign hands are involved in the recent killing of the Chinese.” And on the floor of the assembly, the finger was pointed also to CIA. Why this announcement has come so late? Why such culpable lack of responsibility to protect our national interests, while our enemies have spun a web of espionage and conspiracies, which undermines our national security. Someone rightly said: “The peak of tolerance is most readily achieved by those who are not burdened with convictions.” (Alexander Chase)

General, there is no way you can blame India for a highly complicated mess of international espionage treaties that the Pakistani government itself has signed.

If I understand anything currently

1) Pakistan is in a treaty with the US to contain the Jihadi groups in Afghanistan.
2) Pakistan is in a treaty with China to keep the US bogged down in Afghanistan so as to provide China a competitive advantage in Central Asian markets.

3) Pakistan is in a treaty with the US to contain Jihadi groups inside Pakistan
4) Pakistan is in a treaty with Saudi based oil interests to keep Anti-US jihad activity on a high inside Pakistan.

5) Pakistan is in a treaty with the Iranians to help them build their nuclear program
6) Pakistan is in a treaty with the US to destablise Iran

7) Pakistan is in a treaty with the Russians to keep the US suffering in Afghanistan.
8) Pakistan is in a treaty with the US to keep the Russian off-balance in Chechnya

9) Pakistan is in a treaty with the US to provoke the Uighers so as to deny a stable energy corridor to Central Asia
10) Pakistan is in a treaty with the Chinese to develop a southern route for Chinese energy traffic via Gwadur.

I have done my best to organise this mess of Pakistan's relationships with the so called great powers... but honestly my analytical powers fail me. I am not a graduate of the PMA .. only Kakul can provide the world with "a dangerous intellectual" with this kind of brain power.

India cannot be held responsible for the Pakistani Army's flair for making an unmanageably large number of tactical alliances!

Youm-e-Azaadi Mubarak Pakistan...


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sometimes I really do not know whether to be happy or worried that people like Beg and Gul and Musharaff rise to the top in the Pakistani Army. And that makes me worried!

Of all the deranged and delusional stuff that I have read coming out of retired Pakistani brass, this one perhaps takes the cake.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't think people like Beg are deranged or delusional - they only sound that way. In fact Beg himself is very deliberate in whatever he does - there is a method to his madness.

The enduring image of Beg that sticks in my mind is General of the Pakistani Army making open ended comments about Jihad to the soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia (ostensibly to protect the Royal Family) during the first Gulf War. It sounds totally crazy until you recall that at this very time, his Saudi hosts were refusing Bin Laden's offer to defeat Saddam using a Jihadi Army. Once you take into account that fact and the close ties between Bin Laden and the Pakistan Army, everything falls into place.

Musharraf has actively pushed the ISI to service a large number of contradictory commitments. He has a penchant for making extremely short term tactical commitments with little or no thought to the long term consequences. Under Musharraf one hand of the ISI deliberately undoes what the other hand is does.

That Beg finds this way of doing things harmful. This is a sign that Beg and his kind in the Army have trouble reconciling the contradictions and so he is attempting to deflect the blame for this mess by randomly labelling a subset of the ISI's own operations as "RAW's operations".

Musharraf himself has done as such. When a large number of soldiers tasked with the President's protection were found to be too infused with Jihadi fervor a few years ago, they were arrested and jailed under the pretext of being "RAW agents".

This is a ruse - a deliberate ruse to try and take control of a national agenda that is being torn to shreds by a crippling lack of long term vision.

I do not see this tactic being effective much longer. The main problem in the Pakistani Army is not going to be India's machinations, it is going to be a total sense of confusion, nausea and dizzyness from Musharraf's repeated u-turns.

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi m,
maverick dada, bishaan garmi
tumi RAW agent?

At 12:29 PM, Blogger maverick said...


No, I am no agent. I am a nobody with plenty of time to write on the internet.

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Shantanu said...

Well, they have gotten themselves tangled in a big mess. The only unfortunate part is that we are in the neighbourhood, and can't just sit and gloat, given how risky the situation can become to us.

At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"US and India signed the Strategic Partnership Deal in 2003, with the declared objectives, “to contain and curb the rising military and economic power of China and the increasing threat of Islamic extremism in the region.” "

This same sentence was being spouted by the general in the recent Geo TV debate. This was the same debate in which Sheikh Ahmed Rashid admitted to running a "bed and breakfast" for the muj. And little wonder he was refused a visa to visit Srinagar..
Just a request FWIW, could you pen your thoughts on what drives the peaceniks/leftists in India to embrace our eminent neighbours so readily? Are they in the know of something that is not in the public fora ? Or is it just posturing against a possible western presence (permanent) in this region?
Thanks in advance.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Hi Shantanu,

Who says we have to do anything.


Someone has to embrace the Pakistanis otherwise they might get the impression we really don't like them. If they think we really don't like them, then might think they have nothing to lose in their dealings with us and that means they will be absolutely uncontrollable.

We don't like the Pakistanis but we Indians are a mild tea drinking people, we are very moderate in our dislike of the Pakistani way of doing things.

So far they have not given a reason to *really* dislike them and we have no reason to dislike them that strongly ourselves.

The left front is simply one of many political groups that are cosying up to Pakistan. Everybody does it, Pakistan has tremendous soft power in a number of illegal business (drugs, money laundering etc...) and no politician in his right mind will want to piss off the Pakistanis. Black money drives the electoral engine in India.

There has never been a left front PM in 60 years of independent India. The left is keen to change this. However traditionally the left has lacked mass appeal or even real support among the economically active classes. This is because the left promoted itself as the champion of the oppressed and that made it difficult to project itself as a natural leader of the country.

By demonstrating its ability to have smooth relations with trouble makers like Pakistan, the Left is attempting to change its image. It is trying to show the political middle class, that it is not an extremist group but rather a very capable leadership of the country.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the Left trying to create a vote bank here? By opposing the deal, they are demonstrating their anti-hegemonistic credentials, which they feel would resonate with the "minority" vote bank? Also Iran, which the Left feels would be one of the first casualties in the deal's aftermath. By raking up the Iran issue and thereby trying to suggest that INC (which has traditionally been identfied as the protector of "minority" rights) has no inclination of incorporating Indian "minority" views in the foreign policy, is the Left trying to pull the rug under the current govt and then hope to form a govt with the third front ?

At 8:23 AM, Blogger maverick said...


I don't know if the Left feels it can replace the UPA right now.

It is however true that the UPA leadership appears increasingly alienated from its own party.

One does not know the consequences of this.

I fully understand that Muslims in India do not like this deal with the US. Muslims in India have a big heart and they are upset to see what America is doing in Iraq or Afghanistan or what Israel is doing in the Palestinean territories. Indian Muslims feel moved by the plight of their co-religionists in other lands.

However, Muslims in other lands do not reciprocate this sentiment. Despite the fact that India's Muslims are the most educated and most qualified and modernised of Muslims in the world, and the only muslims in this world living in a pluralistic democracy - the rest of the Muslim world simply sees them as spritual lepers.

Not a single so-called Muslim country recognizes the vast socio-political contribution made by India's Muslims, these countries constantly keep finding ways of insulting the faith of Indian Muslims. Every effort is made to make Indian Muslims feel inadequate.

The attitude towards Indian Hindus in the so-called Muslim countries is quite a bit worse. Despite being the only country in the world where such large numbers of Muslims can live in peace and harmony, and excerise democratic rights, the Muslim world's attitude towards India is one of utter apathy. Not only are Indian expats in these so-called Muslim lands treated like slaves, most people in these places are keen to believe the most fantastic lies about India. A majority of the regimes in these countries are US-puppets and not a single one can dare sell us a drop of oil without American approval.

Now I ask you, we all know that India needs energy. Indian Muslims are willing to oppose buying this energy from America because America hates Islam. Okay that I can understand. I also understand that Indian Muslims cannot stand the pollution that the American cultural invasion brings to India.

But can Indian Muslims get their so-called brothers in Iran Saudia etc... to hand over oil at discounted rates?

Can Indian Muslims offer an cast iron guarentee that that the export of Wahhabi revisionism from Saudi Arabia or exclusivist Shia political consciousness from Iran will not poison Indian society?

Even if we are to purchase our energy from Iran and Saudia. We will still have to deal with the Americans - given the pitiful impotence of the political classes of the Arab lands.

From what Musharraf gets away with in the "Qila of Islam", it seems that Muslims the world over are only seeking to find ways of remaining crushed under the boots of dictators. All the Ulema in places like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are busy finding ways of appeasing dictators there and to make up for their loss of self esteem - they are inventing ways of harassing the Indian Muslims.

Why any Indian Muslim would want to hang around with that sort of lot is outside my comprehension.
In such circumstances it becomes difficult to accomodate any kind of demands from Indian Muslims on the India-US deal.

We only seek a diversification of the sources of energy used in our economy. We seek a deeper sense of energy security, one which leaves us free from import dependence, free from social interference, and free from unknowable environmental costs.


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