Monday, November 19, 2007

Musharraf the Magnificent

Dear Friends,

The Pakistani Supreme Court decision heralds the arrival of Musharraf the Magnificent, in our midst.

I ask you to join me in bowing low to His Majesty.

Repeat after me:

Country is more important than Democracy,
Musharraf is Pakistan, Pakistan is Musharraf,

Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu
Musharraf is Great! Musharraf is Great!

I was blessed to watch the following video on Youtube.

The words of the song were particularly insightful..

Juda ho key poonchtey hain, judai kya hoti hain
Nikah hua hain mujhe azam sey,
Main kisi ka nahin,
Aye Khuda suraj dooba dey, agar main nahin..
Aye Khuda mujhe *jalaa* dey, agar main nahin
Ek rooh hoon main, jisey kuch nahin mila.

Yaar, the last time I heard that sort of thing was in rural Iran in the late 90s, when young girls would set themselves on fire to die in the most irreligious way possible. By deliberately causing their own death by fire, the worst possible death imaginable to a Muslim, they would rid themselves of the burden of resurrection and accept an eternal condemnation.

But the visuals say everything that you need to know about what lies in store for people who don't bow before Him.

Added later:

After watching a number of fearsome SSG videos, and episodes of Alpha Bravo Charlie on Youtube, I have decided to join Amritraj and Mr. Honduras in forming an international "Joint Cowering In Fright at the sight of the Pakistanis" team.

You will find us all hiding under our beds with our pillows and stuffed animals.


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