Friday, October 21, 2016

Okay - I will bite.. Who is Shifuji?

I am sure you have seen this before and wondered - what am I looking at?

I confess - I do not have a clue - who Shifuji is?

I don't know what his connection to various special operations teams in India is.

It seems he idolizes other people with mustaches.. and is some kind of expert in martial arts, and does something with Bollywood, and I guess he trains corporate security teams.

Most of these corporate security teams are retreads of IA/CPMF retirees - so I am not sure what additional training he is imparting but I guess some refresher courses might not be so bad.

I have trouble taking CQB advice from someone who has never killed anyone with their bare hands before. It is a credibility thing - and I am entitled to an opinion. It is just that no one I know who has actually killed people goes around calling themselves the "deadliest commando"...  most don't even want to talk about it much less advertise it on a website and YouTube video.

But beyond that I don't know who he is.

If any of you do - please tell me.

And if this is just all Bollywood stuff - then please ignore completely.


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