Friday, April 21, 2017

The Daily Donald 04/21/2017

The last 24 hours have been quite interesting.

After suddenly announcing that he will no longer run for election in 2018, Jason Chaffetz has indicated that he will likely not be able to complete his present term. He is expected to resign later today. The only thing that will make this more dramatic is if he is suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor and dies in Walter Reed a la Bill Casey. Rumors on Twitter suggest that he was being blackmailed by the RIS using information about an affair he had. There is no way to verify this but apparently the FBI got hold of the information that RIS was using to blackmail him and pointed out to him that he was committing treason by agreeing to RIS demands. Apparently the RIS wanted him to have Trump's back and the FBI had a different opinion on what he should do to spend the rest of his days outside a federal prison. You know these rumors can be quite entertaining, but no serious observer would ever put any stock in such information as obviously it is not sourced to a recognizable or credible person with direct knowledge of the situation. Jason Chaffetz also decided to share how awesome a person his wife was on twitter. Make what you will of that.

Another story doing rounds is that significant evidence has been found to link the Vault 7 release by Wikileaks to actual CIA documentation. This means that the Vault 7 data was actually stolen from the CIA and that makes its illegal publication a national security related offense. With this latest release, Julian Assange appears to have touched a raw nerve in the USIC. Per news reports the US is preparing to formally charge Julian Assange with espionage and a warrant for his arrest will likely be sought soon. This unfortunately puts Julian in a bit of a pickle. Julian has been getting loads of BTC from God-Only-Knows-Who and he's had to pay various groups of people money to keep himself out of jail. As Trump's guys (see like DCIA Mike Pompeo) are hanging Assange and Wikileaks out to dry, Assange now finds himself in the CIA's cross hairs. Without RIS backing him, it is highly unlikely that SENAIN will be able to withstand US pressures to hand Assange over. Again unfortunately for Assange, if he is handed over, he will be in a position to compromise RIS and Trump's people - and so the only recourse they will have at their disposal would be to make sure that Julian Assange is not in a position to reveal any secrets about TrumpRussia. I always knew that things would end this way for Julian. He clearly knew that the bride he sought had a heavy price.

In the North Korean situation there were some unusual developments yesterday when a sniffer aircraft was scrambled to sample the air. It was unclear if there was any seismic activity to merit this or if there was any other activity on the ground to induce this kind of patrol. North Korea has been carrying out a large number of maskirovka operations to hide the exact moment at which they will choose to test their latest nuclear device. I am guessing the sniffer's flight was probably a response to such a provocation.

Another distraction exercise appears to be in the making. There are whispers now of a reworked Obamacare repeal bill. Mysteriously hitherto opposed elements of the GOP have aligned on a core agenda (presumably to repeal Obamacare) and will soon be presenting something to the house. I am guessing that this is yet another attempt to deflect attention and time from the HPSCI session where Sally Yates is due to testify in the next session.

And in a novel exercise in crowd sourcing, the search for who exactly donated to the Trump Inauguration is being spread across Twitter. A number of mismatches and oddities are being found leading naturally to suspicions about shell corporations and money laundering. To think - all this began because the Trump Admin drew attention to the fact that Trump's inaugural raised twice as much money as Obama's inaugural. Oh that bottomless pit of stupidity.  


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