Thursday, May 04, 2017

My comments on the "Seven Theories" post at Lawfare

I would like to thank @selectedwisdom and @nadabakos for drawing my attention to this post at Lawfare.

I think the authors have done a fantastic job of sorting through the various possibilities, and I think they deserve a great deal of recognition for their work.

I do wish to point out that the piece does not adequately address the manner in which Trump continues to deny associations with Russia, while simultaneously refusing to criticize Pres Putin and amplifying the propaganda from known RIS sources.

I am just saying that if it walks, talks and quacks like RIS penetration, it is probably a well you know...

I am all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but how many suspects in an interrogation room will swear on the heads of their unborn children that

1) They had no idea they were spying,
2) They are mentally ill,  or
3) Its all a conspiracy...

And while we are on the topic, speaking nostalgically ofcourse

1) How many Korean kids were shot out of hand just because their parents might be communists during the war?

2) How many random civilians were killed in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I am sure some of them were good people but we didn't exactly sort out the "bad hombres" there....

3) Didn't it used to be that "if it runs... it's VC"?

4) And who can forget the Blackwater rule of shooting first and never bothering to ask any questions after?

So against that backdrop - I ask all the folks in the USIC - given that there is a precedent and yes I fully realize there is a lot of scrutiny here more so than there ever was a Mai Lai.... and we generally don't take chances with things like this...

And the fact that we know the KGB blames the USIC for the suffering of the Russian people, and wants to do to the US what it claims the USIC did to RU....

If I may borrow from the words of Chapter 1 of the Sacred Song.

"What is the hesitation O Arjuna?" 


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