Friday, December 08, 2017

Democratic Party decides not push for Donald Trump's impeachment at this time.

Quite unsurprisingly the Democratic party has decided not to push for Donald Trump's impeachment at this time. The central calculation of the party appears to be that given the GOP super-majority, it is unlikely that impeachment would succeed and that Donald Trump would vindictively strike back in ways that would hurt their voters.

I have indicated earlier that the Democratic Party does not really care what happens to Donald Trump or the GOP and it is focused on ensuring the survival of its overall political agenda. That agenda has been severely damaged by the GOP's relentless assault on the courts. The manner in which the GOP is shoving political partisans into the US courts is truly frightening.

Since Donald Trump and GOPers have decided to kill their own voters en masse, there is little the Democratic Party can do to stop them. Only the "Second Amendment" folks can really do anything on this timescale and since they are all in Putin's pocket - they will restrict themselves to killing unarmed civilians (preferably women, LGBTQ and POC only).

Even if the Democratic Party were to go to great lengths to stop Trump and the GOP, it is not like the GOP voters would ever actually vote for the Democratic Party. We are seeing the kind of dynamics in the Alabama Senate election. The manner in which mainstream Republicans have chosen tribal instinct over common sense speaks volumes for what the Democratic Party can expect to gain for its efforts.

So my friends - the "Shoah" will continue.

Bitcoin continues to be Russia's preferred way of exfiltrating the funds needed to ensure Putin's electoral victory. Though I confess, I do not know if it will be enough to guarantee it. Listening to the responses on the street in Moscow, one senses that the Russian people are tired of Putin but they don't want to show it for fear of being murdered by his allies. A sensible man would consider sitting in the opposition for a term just to wash off the anti-incumbency but that's now where things are headed in Moscow.


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