Friday, December 01, 2017

So Flynn pleaded guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI...

Most of you are probably jaded by the drip drip drip of indictments of Trump's guys. You are rightly wondering "so what is the big deal with Flynn being arrested?" It was known almost a year ago that that guy was up to no good. So why all the fuss?

If you are a Trumpflake you will say "its a conspiracy man!!! the reptilian Zeta Reticulans in the Deep State and Lyin Fake News Media are carrying out a witch hunt!!!" 

But if you are not a Trumpflake you might have read this news item from ABC News.

It appears Flynn is prepared to testify that Donald Trump asked him to contact the Russians.

Before Trumpflakes jump into their "But Hillary Emails" or "Collusion is not illegal" (Actually it is...)  - you might want to think about what you are jumping in to here.

For those of you who think Flynn is lying to save his son, I suspect he has proof and Manafort got a bail plea for a shockingly small sum wouldn't you say?

Naturally if you are  GOPer you are probably on your knees going "Look man I just want my tax cut!".  Okay I get it - but doesn't make treason legal.  Also you can't pass a bill without agreeing on a text dude. And that's where you GOPers come up short - agreeing on anything - your party is so messed up right now - you guys constantly rat each other out. That presidential primary where there were so many of you competing for one position... that is emblematic of your party. Too many satrapies, too little empire.


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