Thursday, December 21, 2017

The GOP Tax Scam

You are going to hear a lot of weird stuff about the tax plan. People are going to tell you it is good for the economy. There is going to all manner of news about bonuses and capital investments by banks and major corporate houses and the numbers are going to sound very big to you and you might even be told that "trickle down" economics is actually working.

Unfortunately it is all bullshit.

The major problem with the current economy is that we are accruing debt (both private and federal) at an astronomical rate. The reason this is happening is that corporate productivity is poor - companies aren't paying workers enough money and what profits they do make, they are sending to offshore to avoid taxes. The government is basically having to cover for the loss in welfare. As there aren't enough taxes coming - the government has to borrow more money. This debt has to be serviced, if not directly by the boomers then indirectly by the boomers.

With rising entitlement expenditures on the horizon and significant disaster relief problems anticipated due to climate change - a reduction in tax revenue is NOT a good thing for the US Government at this time.  We need more tax revenue if we are to keep up with the loan repayments. If we default on the loan as Donald Trump has promised to do so many times in his campaigns, the global financial system (which provides all your investments a most basic level of security) will collapse! We may be able to dodge the bullet by cutting back entitlements (SS and Medicare) but that will come at great cost to the country.

Trumpers are not going to get this - because GOP will make sure that they remain in their stupid vegetable state and never grasp how badly they are getting screwed here.  Rich GOPers will make the bank with this kind of thing of course, but the reality is that they don't actually care about the flag waving ethnocentric idiots that form the "base" anyway.

I can't understand how a group of people so hell bent on preventing White Genocide are letting the GOP get away with placing the very machinery that will wipe out their kind in place. It is truly like watching sheep led to the slaughterhouse. Each sheep seems quite happy about being given a free bus ride!


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