Friday, December 15, 2017

Mueller's inevitable firing and the equally inevitable consequences

Trump appears to be setting up to fire Mueller and pardon Micheal Flynn. Micheal Flynn agreed to testify against Trump in exchange for Mueller agreeing to not prosecute his son Micheal Flynn Jr.

This created a major situation for Trump, he wanted more than anything else to make this all go away. But with Flynn offering to testify that Trump himself had ordered extraordinary contacts between Flynn and RIS representatives before he became President - Trump found himself cornered.

Flynn for his part indicated that the only reason he was offering to testify against Trump was because Mueller had pinned his son down in a case involving the Turkish government. Apparently Flynn Jr was mixed up with Erdogan in some kind of money and gold thing. Mueller got his claws into Jr and that was his ticket to getting Flynn Sr to turn on Trump.

It is only natural for Trump to believe that firing Mueller will solve his problems and Trump is simply too stupid to realize that this will not help him survive. Whoever takes Mueller's place will have to continue Mueller's attack on the Flynn family as an avenue to secure a case against Trump and outside of whacking Flynn/Flynn Jr - I don't see how to actually secure Trump from inevitable betrayal by these two.

And then there is matter of Trump Jr himself. Both him and his dad seem to think that they can afford highly paid lawyers to cover their mistakes. Again that is not true. Neither of these two have really faced the full brunt of a Federal criminal investigation. It is highly likely that Trump Jr will turn on daddy to save his own skin. Mueller has him bang to rights, whoever takes over when Mueller is fired, will go after Trump Jr as a way of securing themselves from criticism that they are Trump's proxy. After all this Trump phase will end at some point and the public at large will want blood - which prosecutor wants to take the blame for Trump's sins.

Everything is in a state of suspended animation as Mitch McConnell attempts to get his tax bill passed. This state will end soon. It is unlikely that Mitch McConnell will wait for Doug Jones to be seated before he votes on this bill. I feel it may be best in the long run if the GOP owns the "tax cut" completely and what follows is placed on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan's head.

As Tiger Memon's balding friend informs in at the lunch meeting in the Durbar Restaurant in Dubai (see screenshot from the movie Black Friday below). "Tera bachna mushkil hain"( it is unlikely you will escape)

At that time, no one had any idea that Tiger had orchestrated the entire Bombay Blasts on March 13, 1993. 


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