Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Rubicon has been crossed

Trump seems to have moved ahead with his desire to cripple the Mueller probe and as usual the GOP is enabling this.

Last week we saw two curious trends in the news

1) News reports indicating Trump's performance at Davos nonwithstanding - his image was hurt by growing concerns about his impending indictment under the Mueller probe. As news reports emerged of several key aides like Robert McGahn being interviewed by Mueller, speculations ran amuck that these people had "told Mueller everything".

2) News reports emerging in from the Russian media which is basically Putin's mouthpiece openly declared Trump to be another version of Obama. These pieces openly critical of Trump began to appear right as the US Dept of State was asked to make clarifying remarks about the state of the freshly imposed congressional sanctions. The story doing rounds was that Trump had signed the sanctions into law but was deliberately not implementing them. The State Department publicly stated that it had held off implementing new sanctions on the WH's request. This put the WH in violation of its own law.

As of yesterday Deputy Director McCabe was fired from the FBI. He was a witness to actual acts of obstruction that Trump carried out. His removal is the clearest sign that Trump is looking to shut down the OSC probe.

Another sign that appeared was that after so much dissonance - the Devin Nunes Memo was approved for release by the GOP led HPSCI, but the Democratic Party rebuttal of the Nunes Memo was declared classified and prevented from being released. The Nunes Memo itself has not been through the proper process for review within the intelligence community and per FBI Dir Wray - the Memo is filled with inaccuracies.

This is a blatantly partisan attempt do smear the Mueller probe. Like the "Benghazi" hearings, the entire stage is being set to make the Mueller probe seem like a political attack.

As Trump chooses to mangle the institutions that hold our government together, the collapse of democracy becomes imminent.

This man is one hair away from going full Palpatine on us. The GOP basically sits around all day licking the dirt of his feet.


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