Friday, December 22, 2017

Trump signs off on the GOP Tax Scam

And just like that Trump has signed off on a tax bill that neither he nor his lawyers nor any of the usual presidential economic surveillance staff have actually read. 

Something called a "Tax Cut" has been passed which on paper sounds good, but the moment you try to get a clear sense of what it actually means you get a set of extremely confusing answers. 

I am quite surprised he signed off on it. I was expecting him to hold back on it to make sure that the GOP killed the Mueller investigation first. He hasn't even waited for Trey Gowdy to shut down the House Russia probe. He just went ahead and signed it. 

I am quite baffled by his desire to give up his leverage like this.

I suspect it has something do with the objections he raised to anti-Russia portions of the NDAA[1]. He has basically said "I am signing this NDAA but I am going ignore parts of it I don't like at any point of time." This is completely bizarre, I have never seen such a disconnect between a President and his own party dominated House and Senate. This whole GOP super majority and GOP President thingy is always a total freakshow, but I feel this NDAA-ignore-whatever-I-dislike is off the charts as shitshows go.

Is this why he gave up his leverage?  He felt he didn't need it? Because keeping his leverage with Russia was more important? Because Putin's ass is in the sling with no end to sanctions and an election looming while the RU reserve fund is depleted? Am I reading this right? 

Bannon and Lewandowski are going up before a separate house committee. Bannon is openly departing with Trump Family (such as Ivanka) [2] and Trump himself - He's indicated he wants to run for President in 2020. My guess is that he found out he would be going to jail as part of Trump's deal with the GOP but Jared and Ivanka would go free. 

Apparently Ivanka and Jared aren't too sure if they are going to jail or not - and think Bannon is out of line for criticizing them (a "f***ing liar" is the phrase she used apparently). [3]

Trouble in Trump's inner circle suggests whatever Trump has just done - he made a difficult choice. A choice where none of his crew know who is going to get thrown to the OSC dogs. 

This decision was taken yesterday. I am guessing that is why so many astrologers claimed it would be unluckiest day of 2017. Either that or those SOBs are dabbling in BTC too much. 


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